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  • Aug 6 '12

    If a resident is no longer able to care for a pet, then it should be taken away from them. We barely have enough time to care for our residents, let alone walking a dog or emptying a litter box. Seems pretty cut and dry to me....

  • Aug 4 '12

    Quote from sebig001
    . Who reads the TOS these days?
    You should read the TOS before agreeing to it. My Dad always told me "Never sign anything you haven't read" and it is wise advice.

    Thank you for posting this.....anyone who is posting their e-mail address here for tips, study sheets, test stuff and links are asking for trouble.

    The posting of your own email is not prohibited by AN. Posting your friends e-mail, however, is prohibited.

    The posting of your e-mail is strongly discouraged to protect "your" (the collective you not you, you) privacy. Privacy is of the utmost importance at AN.

  • Jul 30 '12

    Attached are 12 Word documents which I made when I took pharmacology. All the information was based on the ATI study guide since that constituted the final exam in our class.

    They are formatted as 3x5 cards and were printed on individual 3x5 cards.

    Have at 'em if you think they'll help... they certainly worked for me.

    Again, they are entirely my own creation based on the information out of the ATI book. I make no promises as to their accuracy (though I rocked pharm so they couldn't be too bad).

    Feedback is welcome.

  • Jul 8 '12

    I wanted to share an experience with those interested.

    I was working in clinicals passing out dinner trays, when a CNA pulled me to the side and asked me if I was going to school. I replied "Yes, I'm in the RN program". She looked and said "You need to be smart to go to RN school". I was bothered by what she had said. I could read on her face showing that she isn't smart enough for NS. So here's my opinion:

    Smart in literal terms means that your are intelligently gifted...right? I don't believe that is right, people have made that word for those who have acheived something that they did not.

    "Your smart, that's why you made it, I'm dumb".

    There are no Dummies. There are no Smarties. There are those who were determined enough to become what they wanted to become. You and others are labeling people as smart, because they are getting things done for themselves. They're becoming Doctors, RN's, CRNA's, and NP's. Those are the smart ones? Just because your a CNA doesn't mean your dumb. If you want to become an RN what is stopping you?

    Many argue that they can't study "smart" enough. If you can pick up a book and read, you can do it. You just need to find your "click". In time after trying many things you will learn what is your gifted way of learning. Some read, some watch, some draw,and some speak. Only trial and error will reveal to your gifts.

    I want to change the definition of "smart". Are you Smart enough to be a Nurse? I'm going to write a couple of phrases replacing smart.

    -Are you Passionate enough to become a Nurse?
    -Are you Patient enough to become a Nurse?
    -Are you Persistent enough to become a Nurse?
    -Are you Driven enough to become a Nurse?
    -Are you Disciplined enough to become a Nurse?

    Many people have obstacles to become a Nurse. Finance, families, jobs, and many others. These obstacles tend to succeed in stopping us in our tracks. This is called "life". It's another topic for a forum.

    If your reading this, I hope this inspires, strengthens, and renews your energy to continue pursuing your goals whatever stage in your career you are in. You don't need to be smart enough. You are Smart.

  • Jul 8 '12

    Quote from VickyRN
    Calling all clinical instructors:

    Please list your secrets/ tips for better organization on the clinical floor. What are your proven methods for making the clinical day run smoother? Thanks in advance
    Make your expectations clear and be organized. The best clinical instructor I have had so far gave us a list of things we should always be doing (from check armband and emergency equip, assessment specifics, look at chart and meds, etc) and a list of things to try to do once those things were done. I learned far more then my other instructors who just released me onto the floor assuming I knew what I was doing. I learned how to prioritize and time management and felt like I was responsible if I didn't get something right because someone actually told me what my job was. The RNs on the floor were all really impressed with us as well and it was one of the first time I felt welcome by the staff on a floor.

  • Jun 30 '12

    I always advise to take a good vacation before making any big decisions. A vacation may be all you need or at the very least, after the vacation, you should be better able to find an improved situation.

  • Jun 29 '12

    I always get concerned when you are at the 88-89% o2 saturations. kcvo look at the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve in all of your en-devours.

    I totally agree with you Floridatrail2006 about how hard it is to manage a patient on oxygen w/ chronic hypercapnia and COPD. Carbon dioxide narcosis certainly can be fatal if managed incorrectly.

    The reason I responded with call a rapid response because the case study said: "You are a new graduate nurse on your second rotation in a 30-bed medical ward." If you are presented with this patient at 8:00 am during breakfast of day shift on your second day of work, I would say call a rapid response.

    I have been a nurse for longer period of time and might manage the patient differently then a new grad. I don't think I gave all the answers to the OP either. kcvo, you should spend time looking up everything we discussed here. Look for an article in the databases or in your med surg book related to carbon dioxide narcosis, try to see why there is differing opinions. Look up the drugs that you might want to give to this patient. Look up cardiac enzymes, EKG's, activity intolerance.

  • Jun 25 '12

    Congrats! Thank you for sharing your story. I love jeremiah 29:11 I say it before, in between and after my reviews esp when I use kaplan because I get frustrated with the qestions.Congrats again RN!

  • Jun 23 '12

    Dude those dementia pts have some awesome play places they live in. Sometimes it is fun to dive into their world and just go with it. I once had the pleasure of taking care of a king with a pet monkey, the duchess of yorkshire, and many many other equally notable nobles over a year. Great times.