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    Thanks for your comment! What you are saying makes total sense! I think I am just missing a few pieces of the picture.

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    Thanks for your response! What you are saying makes total sense!

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    Hey there! I'm a student working on my pathogram and discovering that I maybe didn't pull enough out of my pt's record. What my most confusing point is the dates. I thought that my pt was a direct admit for a scheduled CABG, however I am seeing that the dates just don't add up. He was admitted Fri 9/14, blood tests were done on 9/14 and 9/15, and that's it. An echo, chest CT, venous dopplers, and vein mapping were done on 9/17 and the CABG was scheduled for 9/18. If he were a c/o chest pain and SOB patient, then he would have came in through the ED and all tests would have been done right away, right? But if he were direct admit for pre-op, why did he have to come in 4 days prior? This is where I am confused. Any help is much appreciated! The only other clue I can offer is elevated clotting times on the 14th at 2 pulls; 177 the first time, then 144 with aPTT of 33 the second draw (aPTT was not done in the first draw). Draws on the 15th were WNL except for low RBC & H/H and cardiac enzymes were not even drawn (which further makes me believe he is a direct admit). Does this make any sense?? Thanks again!!