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    are there any lpn out there from idaho. Im looking for new job would like some support or advice thanks... pay rate , area to work ,ect...

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    nursing pools pay 18.00 to 23.00 here in the idaho area , depending on the exp. but the last time i worked in the denver area 12 years ago . thru a staffing service i was making 22.50 /hr. time has change but the money is still the same.......

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    hi this is my first time here after 12 years of nursing i am trying to get back in the saddle again. i think the time away from nursing helped . i forgot why i wanted to be a nurse and took time out and tryed differant jobs .then i got some help when i was down the lowest ive ever been in my life,homeless, jobless, and with out friend or family. now that my life has been change , i want to reach out and better myself and help other people like i was helped. and i now i can do this by being the best nurse i can. and devote my life to helping other people.. so wish me luck . and let me know if i can help any one out there...... thanks again a nurse in idaho.......