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    Thank you gigglestarsRN! I actually did good on my interview on the med/surg unit. It was my first time to have been interviewed as an REGISTERED NURSE. The head nurse of the unit is the one who interviewed me and she asked me about my experience in Ortho/spine because they are actually going to open a new ward and wants people to work in there without pulling other rns in the other areas. I actually did have 408hrs of internship in ortho ward but when i told her about my internship experience, she said what i did was more serious stuff than what they are doing on their ward. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. I did balance skeletal tractions, skin tractions, bryants, cervical tractions and took care of patients with osteosarcoma and osteomyelitis, C2, C3 an alot of hip/knee replacements. She was very interested about my background and seems to like me. I dressed in suit! Omg i look liked im going to church but she seems comfortable talking to me. Whew. Then we shook hands and she said I'm the first one she interviewed for the position, theres 3more. She will call me back 6days from now and tell me if i made it to top 2. Then in those top 2, she will make them meet with other RNs to see who they will like. I find it iffy at first because what if i got into top 2 and the other nurse that is candidate for the position have a friend/relative inside the system? Hmm or much more experienced than me. Sooooooo on top of all of that, i also applied in person and got interviewed today on the spot at a local nursing home for the RN position. It also went well an the HR likes me. Plus the 3head supervisor of the units met me inside the HR office, they said they just want to talk to me and see me in person. I did get interviews twice in 2days. And i am more confident now than ever. I would like to be in a hospital setting but if i don't make it, atleast i have another option. I don't mind working with elderly since i was a CNA once in an assisted living facility. I just hope i make it at that hospital because i know i will learn alot and it is going to be a very good experience for me and for my future resumes. Again thank you for the response. Crossing my fingers now.

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    I'm a new grad and i just got my license Dec 18 2012. I sent applications last week and got a call yesterday to this hospital i really wanna work with. The head nurse said i have an interview tomorrow. I'm a nervous wreck. Pls help i don't know what to do. Its my first nursing job interview and i want to get it so bad.

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    Quote from GoosbyLPN
    Where are u licensed at..have u tried hurst
    Hurst is great! I passed my 3rd time with them. Theyre thorough and easy to understand.

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    Quote from hev101380
    I have recently moved to Georgia, can I start over taking it there?
    I'm from GA. I guess they dont have limit here.

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    DONT GIVE UP GUYS. I took nclex 3times. The 3rd time i was 6months pregnant and passed. Lucky baby!

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    Quote from flycat
    Hello everyone,

    During orientation is it not unusual to be tested to see if you have what it takes to make in NICU? Tested I mean getting yelled at, told your skills are not good, told that you are not a nice person, and this may not be the right place for you.
    Thats just wrong

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    My original state of licensure is WA. But i have never been there. I applied my NCLEX in WA because me and my husband thought he was going to be stationed in Fort Lewis, WA but the army threw us away in Fort Stewart, GA. Right now I have endorsed my license in GA, TN and and TX. My primary state of residence is TN since my inlaws wont leave TN unlike us being in military life. I want to ask should i inactivate my WA rn licence? I am hesitant because that is my original state license. But i dont think we will ever go there though. Anyone?

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    NLC Requirements when MOVING

    -when a nurse moves from a compact state to a noncompact state to practice nursing, the compact state license is changed to a single-state license and the nurse will have to applyfor licensure by endorsemet in the new state of residency.

    -when a nurse declares a compact state as the primary state of residency, the nurse must apply for licensure by endorsement in the new state f residency.

    -when a nurse changes primary state of residency by moving from one compact state to another compact state, the nurse can practice on the former residency license for up to 30days. The nurse is required to apply for licensure by endorsement, pay any applicable fees and complete a declaration of primary state of residency in the new home state, whereby a new multistate license is issued and the former license is inactivated. Proof of residency may be required.

    -Licensure renewal cycles vary state to state. Nurses are required to promptly declare a new state of residency when they obtain a new driver's license, change where federal taxes are paid or register to vote and not wait for their license to lapse or expire in the prior home state.

    Best bet is, if you cant get a hold of either bon, call NCSBN and ask for advice because they know the NLC much better and they could help you more.

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    Quote from newrn_ny
    [font=franklin gothic medium]hey everyone, i am a new rn and i just passed my nclex 2 weeks name recently showed up on the nys office of the professions site (, but it is not yet appearing on the website. i am wondering if this is normal, and if i just need to wait a little bit longer. also, i am new to the website, i never heard of it until one of my friends told me about employers primarily use this to verify your nursing license? any responses are greatly appreciated :d
    hi. how long did you wait for your name to show up in nursys? i need my license verified so i can get an endorsement. i just passed 25days ago. and i see my name on bon but not on nursys.

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    hello guys,

    was reading this post, i myself took my 3rd nclex-rn exam yesterday 06-30 at 8am and it all went to 255 questions with 23minutes left. i had like 30SATAs, alot of exhibit questions and priority questions. no maternal or psych. all my meds ive never heard before.

    make the story short, i went out of pearsonvue looking like a zombie. i went home and lift my legs up (im 7months pregnant) then checked my phone. as im browsing the touchpad, an email came and it was from washington state bon. telling me they cannot process my credentials because they didnt receive my FBI fingerprint yet. well i send that just 2days before my exam. haha i didnt really think about it as much as my LaCharity and Lippincott books.

    anyway, i asked them if i passed. they said they cannot say but as soon as they receive my FBI fingerprint they will license me as an RN. soo i said to myself, i pass? haha the last 2 times i took the exam, i only get an email from them telling me that re-register in pearsonvue. now, they didnt tell me that. so that means i pass right? ahhh idk. i think i

    just want to share.

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    AHHHH! i took exam this morning 06/30/12. Mine stopped at 255 with 23minutes left. >_< tried the trick and it says OUR RECORDS INDICATE THAT YOU HAVE RECENTLY SCHEDULED THIS EXAM. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR MEMBER BOARD FOR FURTHER ASSISTANCE. ANOTHER REGISTRATION CANNOT BE MADE AT THIS TIME. i am so anxious now and i cant wait until tomorrow or until they send me my result on email. what does this really mean? HELPPP!!!!

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    Anyway, I wake up every 4am to study (i hardly sleep at night thinking about the exam) and take naps in the afternoon. I enrolled to hurst 2months ago; I have Saunders, Lippincott, LaCharity books; and reading the Kaplan strategy book. I am getting 60-70% scores with Kaplan and Saunders (I get higher scores in Lippincott, i think it is pretty easy.)

    I just want to share how I feel. I feel like my head is going to explode! My exam is in the next 5days and I dont feel that I am prepared. Is it normal to feel that way when your exam is getting closer and closer?? I feel confident (2weeks of vast nursing knowledge like what Aunt Marilyn said at hurst) but at the same time its like something is still missing.

    Please give me some advice.

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    Hi! I graduated in PH too class of 2010. Also 6 months pregnant on our first baby. Anyway, I am studying for my third try on nclex Rn now and i find hurst very helpful. Also, i have friends who lend me their saunders CDs and kaplans CDs. Every morning since i enrolled on hurst online, i study one topic and answer 125 questions after. In the afternoon, i rationalized the questions, right and wrong answers. Then i retyped the questions i got wrong and print them for later. That way i could see what i missed out coz i am like making the question that i answered wrong. I know its weird, but it helps me. Especially i am pregnant and tend to be very sleepy during the day, i need a more push and effort.

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    thank you for the information about WA BON. i am taking my exam next month for the third time and i am 6 months pregnant. Its been so helpful for us future nurses that some states dont have limit to take your exam.