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    ~ if I had gone into education I would have eventually went back to get my masters, so I can do the same with nursing. Since my overall goal is to teach. Is their any advice you all could give me as to what to expect &what not to expect..just stuff u wish you would've known. Btw I'm pretty excited about this &i can't share it with my family bc they are so disappointed I let go of teaching.

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    ~ Thanks for the comments guys ! I have decided to just double up on biologys and try to get into a BSN program. I know there is no longer a nursing shortage, but in alabama when you pull up any job board all you see is RN constantly. So im feeling Id get a job, that is the least of my worries. My issue is just getting into the program and realizing when its too late that it is not at all what I want to do. I am trying to get into a nursing home cna program but the waitlists are so long because they are free, and I cannot afford to pay for the course because I am paying out of pocket (from waitress money) for my community college. But thanks for the suggestion about teaching nursing. Do you need a MSN to do so?

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    I initially wanted to go into education to teach elementary school, but I do not want to be stupid and obtain that degree and then wonder why I do not have a job. I do not really believe that it matters what state you are in - education is on the rocks. But when it comes to what I am truly passionate about , it is education. Unfortunately, passion doesnt pay bills! So my first year of community college I pretty much took general courses for education, so I didnt take any biology classes. Well lately Ive been feeling a thing for nursing and I'll admit its mostly for job prospects, but I also believe I would like it simply because I enjoy helping people and I typically handle stressful situations well. But in the end - NO , nursing is not what calls me.
    I am still thinking about changing to nursing but I have to catch up on all the biologys that I hadnt taken the first 2 semesters. So Im stuck trying to think whether to go to a community college and get my adn, or just stick it out and get the BSN. I feel like with going to school at Wallace Community College they will help place me, (almost all graduates get jobs comming from their nursing program) or I could just wait and hope to get accepted into Troy University for next fall. I do notice a lot of jobs saying BSN preferred - but I hear that riftraft has been around for awhile.
    Any comments would be greatly appreciated - Im just feeling like I cant win when it comes to education and my future..

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    Thanks (: I will. While Im still getting general studies I plan to get certified for nursing assistance. This will hopefully let me know if Nursing is really for me and provide me with proper experience.

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    I have changed my major and i am now suffering the consequences. I never even considered nursing in high school, but now it is all I want to do. My first year at my local community college is complete, but I have no preqs to apply to adn or lpn programs around here. I am so disgusted that I have not taken any biology classes, but I was letting my advisor register me for both semesters. My question is would it be better for me to just get the prereqs this summer semester and this fall..and go from there with the adn program or since it still took 2 years of general studies, to just go on and get the bsn. The schools in my area say you dont have to have A &p 1 or 2 or micro to apply, but they count as competitive points - so there is no reason in me applying right now I know.