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    This stethoscope is the latest thing to help nurses stay in shape. Their slogan is "We weigh you down to keep your weight down".

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    Quote from missnurse01

    blood in urine, even a lot, is totally normal with uti!
    Thank you! You made me feel better. I'm just 1st semester so I don't know much yet & the blood & protein in my urine freaked me out.

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    I have gone to the doctor twice this semester and both times as soon as I got home I looked up the lab values of the tests they ran on me and ended up scaring myself or thinking I was misdiagnosed. I know I need to trust the doctors interpretation of the labs and his diagnosis but I can't help but worry that he's mistaken. Today I went to an urgent care facility with horrible urinary pain and pink urine. Urinalysis showed +3 blood & +1 protein as well as bacteria & leukocytes .That seems like a lot of blood for a UTI but I'm just a student. Maybe I'm just extra anxious because I'm not feeling well and have exams & finals coming up.
    Do you all look at your labs when your sick or am I just neurotic? lol

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    I have some advice and that is to get into the habit of studying everyday from day one. There is too much info to wait until two days before an exam if you want to do well. Also get the book Fundamentals Success (you can find used copies cheap) and read the intro on how to take NCLEX style tests. In Fundamentals you are given questions that apply what you have learned and that expect you to think critically. You can't just memorize the info, you have to understand how, when & for who it would be applied. This takes practice and gets a little easier as time goes on. Also, just because you made straight A's without putting in a lot of effort don't think you can get away with that in nursing. There are no bonus points, scaling of grades or easy points to pad your grade. What you get on your tests is it so it is VERY important to take them very seriously. In my opinion Fundamentals is the hardest class. Good luck to everyone. You will do great so long as you READ, READ, READ and STUDY

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    Speaking of weight, I need to lose some before classes start. I'm kind of depressed to be obese and going into nursing. I hope people won't look down on me for being a big girl and I hope I'll have the physical stamina to do a good job. How do you all stay in shape and is anybody else worried about their weight?

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    I had 190 pts and was accepted to the Shelby campus! I celebrated the past two nights Congrats everyone who made it

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    Don't worry ya'll! My cuz got in last fall with 165 points! She told me that many students don't fill out their applications correctly and don't have their transcripts on file which eliminates A LOT of our competition The place on the application where it says TEAS score many students put their percent right and not their score so then it looks like they have much lower points then they actually do! Sad but it's attention to detail like that that shows if you have what it takes to be a