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    I am just starting my education for nursing, but have always had a knack for teaching others. Just wondering what the pay scale is for Nurse educators and what education path is the most relevant/situated for this career.

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    I am interested in anyone who has taken the RN program at Pasco Hernando Community College recently. I has ruled out RN as my start into nursing because I didn't feel I had a competitive GPA, but after looking at their prereqs I realized that I have an A in all of them with exception to A&P I, which I am taking in the fall. So, I am interested to know what your prereq GPA was when you were granted admission.
    Also, if you were not accepted what was your GPA for prereq classes?

    Any other info you want to share about the program is appreciated.

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    anyone with experience working in this setting??

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    thank you very much!

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    Is there a better way than 'google' to search for LPN programs in and around my area? I am specifically looking for Hillsboro and Pinellas Counties in Florida. It seems like google only turns up ads for this type of search.

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    I am a male thinking of going the LPN route and then bridging to ADN. I know that one of the places that still hires new LPNs locally is the County Jail and was interested to hear anyones experience in working this environment. I have many years of experience in security--it was my former job--and am a large guy. So, I'm not worried about the risk factor, but looking more for info like--what is the job like? Hours? Pay? What's it like actually working with this population? Likes/dislikes? Realities of the Job. What to expect.


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    I am looking into becoming an LPN as a relatively quick way to enter the nursing profession and begin to support my growing family. I have been told by many in the profession that LPNs are being phased out, but after much research I realize that isn't the case and that I just should not expect to get hired into the hospital setting and instead should be focusing on LTC, home health, and nursing homes.

    So my questions are these:

    Who IS hiring LPNs in this area? Are there ANY hospitals hiring new LPNs?
    What can I expect my starting wage to be as a new LPN in LTC, home health care, and/or nursing home center? I need to be realistic about this--If I go to LPN program for a year and come out making under $17/hour it will have been a waste of time for me.

    Does anyone have experience in this specific County/Area as a new LPN? You can't really trust the school counselors since they will tell you anything to get you into their program.

    Also, I am a male--a rather large male at 6'5'' and 300lbs--I am strong and able bodied. Will this put me at ana dvantage in the hiring pool as some have mentioned?