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    I have just moved to California and do not know much about Kaiser. I have a phone interview next week for a 3-5 month position at a Kaiser in the Los Angeles area. I applied through the kaiser website.

    I wanted to know more about working a temporary position. I am curious to know if it is like being hired through a traveling agency. Do I need to join the union? Any idea on the pay scale for a med-surg job? Is it kind of like a long term interview and if they like you, you could get a permanent position?

    I also read about strikes because of hiring too many temporary nurses. Will I be blackballed on the unit?

    I am very excited and grateful for the chance to interview for this position. I am just a little confused on what it entails. Thank you for any information!

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    Here is my timeline:

    April 17- sent in paperwork
    April 27- board timestamped
    april 29- cashed check
    may 12- able to sign into breeze
    june 1- called board and was told 60-90 days
    June 15- called to check on temporary. Was told processing
    June 30- files report that I have not been issued temporary in 6-8 weeks
    july 3- temporary issued
    July 10- permanent issued
    july 16-got my permanent in the mail!

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    Just got this email yesterday..

    I am thrilled to announce that today I received the letter from the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) confirming the initial accreditation of our BSN program. This recognition—within two years of launching the program—is an acknowledgement of the caliber and quality of the program and our faculty. It means that all prior and future graduates until the next review in 2017 can confirm they graduated from an NLNAC accredited program.

    Please join me in congratulating our hard-working faculty and staff a this is their honor and they have earned it!

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    Quote from Arizonachic
    Thank you. What block are you currently in?
    I graduated this past semester

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    Do not listen to the rumor mill. I spent my whole time there stressed about the rumors about accreditation. We had a different one every week. Go to the dean and ask her directly, or have your class rep do it. It helps a lot.

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    Good luck tomorrow 3semstudent.

    Thats too bad they didnt offer those tools to you before. They are such great resources and I am sure your entire class could benefit from them.

    Try taking the comprehensive review tonight if you have time. It kind of solidifies everything you have been doing.

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    I would be wary of ITT Tech in Phoenix. I have heard that they are under investigation by the state board. I am not sure how accurate my statement is, its just what I have heard.
    I think there are a lot of other schools you can get into and not have to worry.

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    The school is on its way to accreditation. We had our site visit in October, and the team plans to recommend the school in January. Here is the letter from the dean:

    "I am excited to share that the NLNAC Accreditation Review Team plans to recommend the nursing program for initial accreditation. This was the first step in the accreditation process and one of the most difficult. The next step will be for the team’s report and recommendation to be sent to the Evaluation Review Team who make their own recommendation for approval or disapproval. This will occur at the end of January 2013. The final step is consideration by the full NLNAC Board of Commissioners who meet in March 2013. They will consider the recommendations and make their own decision. Brookline College will be formally notified of their decision by the end of March 2013.

    Until we are notified of the NLNAC Board of Commissioners’ final decision in March of 2013, the Brookline College nursing program remains a candidate for accreditation by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. If we are successful in being granted initial accreditationin March, nursing students who graduate in August and December of 2012 will have graduated from an NLNAC accredited program."

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    My exit HESI had 160 questions. Was yours a HESI for a specific subject?

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    Good luck! Just make your self do a few questions every day to keep in the habit and your mind thinking that way.

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    I have a schedule if anyone needs it. It got sent to us this week. If you send me your email, I will forward it.

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    I agree with all the other posts. Being organized and studying the right material is essential. If I had to do it again, I would get an NCLEX review book the first day of class. I would use this book to help study the different subjects I am being tested on. Those books kind of break down the material that the instructor wants you to know and gives you study questions that could help you for the exams.

    Also make sure you get plenty of sleep, especially before an exam. Even if I studied hard, if I was tired I did not do as well as if I was well rested.


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    Hey everyone!
    I am so excited. I passed my Exit hesi exam with a score of 1190 (99.7 conversion score). I was so shocked and happy.

    What I did was thousands of questions. We have a book that was given to us in the program where we had to do 2 sections every week. I did those questions on study mode first. The read the rationales for the questions I missed and bookmarked them. When I finished the questions, I redid the bookmarked questions. Then I did the same chapter in quiz mode.

    I also did this with another book- Saunders Comprehensive review for the NCLEX. I used this to get another viewpoint of questions. I loved this book and feel like it helped alot.

    I also downloaded a bunch of free apps on my iphone and did those questions when I was watching tv, feeding my baby, sitting in the car etc...

    We also had to do evolve Case studies which helped. I did the comprensive review the night before.

    I really think all this paid off and i learned a lot and got into the mode.

    I hope this helps!

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    This is a little late but I am graduating next month from an accelerated program in Phoenix Arizona. They take a lot into consideration when accepting new students. As long as you get a 75 on the Hesi, you can get in. It has been a great experience.

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    I got my rejection letter this afternoon. Congrats to those who received interviews.