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    Hey all,

    I am a bit late to this thread but I was accpeted into the Fall 2012 day program at nassau. I was also accepted into Farmingdales Associates program and I am pretty torn on which to go to. A lot of people are telling me that Nassau is the way to go, I have already registered at Nassau, I am in section C. They told me I was Farmingdale eligible also which is a huge draw for me, because not having to go through the application process for the Bachelors program and knowing I am automatically accepted is amazing. Does anyone have any insight on Farmingdale over Nassau, or of this Farmingdale eligible thing?

    Congrats to all who got in, and if you didnt dont give up, Last year I was waitlisted or rejected from the schools I wanted and this year I was accepted to two! Its a long precess but if you show persistence and that you really are dedicated it pays off!