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    HI Tex201!

    Thank you so much for your time and advices...their very helpful. As far as the online courses; how is it structured? I've never taken an online class and was wondering if its like learning chapters of a book where the exam is based on materials from ch.1-ch.6 for example or are they purely based on information given on a specific class website? Can potential future USN students sit in for lecture-lab and get a sense of the everything? Im really opting for the BSN program...are you done with the program? If so, how soon did you get hired and what is the actual process of becoming an official nurse? How is the program treating you so far? DO hospitals look at your transcripts from ABSN program? Do they give priority to other more competitive nursing schools? and last question I swear...did USN provide you with fin aid? If it a lot or too little? I just spoke with a USN counselor and she asked me if I have the kind of money to pay for it...I felt awkward after she asked...

    Thank you so much for your time Tex201. Your an awesome person cause I havent gotten any replies for my other posts yet lol. But than you so much for your time and kindness to share very insightful thoughts with me! Thank you so much again Tex201!

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    you started with 42 and now 19? Wow! That must show how difficult the program is. Can you please help me and update me with some of your knowledge about the program?? please and than considering the oct. cohort but I feel like I need to gather all my information before I make a final move I can't PM yet because I have less that 15 posts but please reply back to this. THank you!

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    Hi Tex,
    Im a new member on this site and I can't PM yet so I was wondering if you can please update me about the Roseman it nationally accredited..meaning can I come back to Cali after graduation and work out here. Is the license transferrable?

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    I am applying for the October cohort 2012! Did you find out if USN ABSN students can come back to Cali and take the NCLEX and license here? Is USN Roseman accredited and approves by CA board?
    Please get back at me anyone if you know...Im a California resident and I want to be sure also if I can come back and work her...thank you so much!

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    Hi Rianna1,

    Im going to apply to SM's ABSN program and am wondering how difficult it is to get in. I slacked off my two years here at UCSB but my last 90 units are above a 3.0. But my overall g.p.a here at UCSB is a 2.5 ( I was wondering what you think. I have all the pre reqs taken care of and above their minimum g.p.a requirement but Im very worried about my overall g.p.a. Your advice will be very helpful and I really want to get into any NS at this point. Thank so much for your time

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    HI Tex201 and CAK-nurse...

    I am currently applying to Rosemans's ABSN program, but after I read both of your comments about the program I'm considering the BSN program. It seems as if Roseman admissions are good in recruiting students but fail to keep them in the program. I talked to one of the admissions advisors and she made it seem to be a program that is not what you guys have said.
    I just thank you guys for being honest and informative. You guys are great students and future nurses. I am a California resident planning on going there in October for the BSN program and I am asking if you guys know if after graduating from there....can my degree having a BS in nursing in Nevada be transferable to California? I was thinking that I can go there to earn my degree in nursing and than afterwards come back to California and look for jobs out here. Do you guys know if that possible? I spoke to the admissions representatives and she told me its possible but right now I really don't trust what they say due to the experiences you guys have been guys are very strong and I applaud your hard work and determination to be great nurses. Its just not fair that people could have actually passed the NCLEX if it weren't for their lack of organization and technicalities. Please reply back thank you so much )))