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    Someone actually asked me if it was a requirement for new grads was to be petite and young. But I am 2nd degree and have a young face so I am older than parents and others assume.

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    @kelseykelsey4, BSN, RN Actually unfortunately OHSU does require online courses. I'm also looking for an on campus program without online courses.

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    Quote from charming_kitty
    thank you emmysara for your input!
    @bluedevilNC- for the senior preceptorship, do we get to choose our specialty, such as ER or OR? as for electives, besides Medical Spanish, what others are there?
    When I went there you ranked your top 3. I think most people got their 1st choice and some got their second choice (but ended up being really happy with it). My cohort chose mostly ICUs and ED's. Nobody put surgery but I think PACU was an option. The options change each year.

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    Yikes! I did Duke's ABSN program, yes it's expensive and yes it was worth it (actually they changed the curriculum so I don't know how it is now but it seems like they made good changes). I had several job offers before graduation. I actually got a job offer at every job I interviewed for (children's hospitals in PICUs and pediatric oncology). I got the opportunity to study abroad and I learned how to be a GREAT nurse. Not just bare minimum. As far as I know everyone in my cohort passed the NCLEX on the first try and I had great personal relationships with my professors. My largest clinical group was 6 students and I had over 1,000 clinical hours. It was worth it.

    I have a pretty good paying job now and I'm definitely going to pay off my loans in like 5-10 years. I actually do want to continue on to get an MSN at another prestigious school so I'll probably pay it off quicker.

    Just to be another voice in this thread. For some people it is worth it. And by the way, they definitely overestimate how much money you'll need for cost of living so you don't have to take out the full amount they suggest.

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    Lpb1214, Do you know when we were supposed to receive an email with more details about accepting the job?

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    Yes I am really happy with my decision to do the ABSN. I'm almost done! I haven't gotten the impression that a generalist master's gives you an advantage. I'll be entering the work field sooner than my CNL friends. I'm more interested in becoming a NP than going into management so the CNL certificate wouldn't be that useful to me.

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    It depends on what you're looking for. Maybe check out both threads and ask people who attended the pros and cons and what they liked/disliked about it?

    A year ago I was debating between Duke and Hopkins. I got a significant scholarship from Hopkins (the merit one) but ultimately decided to go to Duke and I'm happy with my choice. It's really up to you though. Nobody can make the decision for you.

    One bonus with Duke is you get 15 credits towards your master's degree. They are changing the curriculum though so I'm not sure if that's still true. I also liked Duke because the cohort is smaller than Hopkins and I got the impression of more faculty support and attention. There's free tutoring, peer and faculty mentors, etc. I had a good feeling when I went for Duke Days. Duke had a higher NCLEX pass rate and job placement rate.

    I'm sure people from Hopkins could tell you good things about it too. It's ranked #1 (although I think there isn't a big difference between #1 and #7). It's close to D.C. If you like a bigger cohort size, there's that. Baltimore is a bigger city.

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    Quote from adrianasu
    Hi guys. I was accepted for this Fall cohort, but I just found myself pregnant!!! I remember on the Duke Day, a current student said something about pregnant students and students with other critical family issues in her cohort. Can someone help me to recall some details? Do you think I can still go to DUSON, dealing with this intensive program, while being prepared for the birth and taking care of my newborn at the same time? I want to go to DUSON so much!!!
    We have a girl in my cohort who is pregnant and the school is working around her. If you want you can contact admissions and maybe they will put you in touch with other students who were in similar situations or the might give you more exact details on how that could work semester by semester.

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    Yeah you generally have a set schedule of classes and clinicals (For example: class Wednesdays, Thursdays. Clinical Fridays). But then there will be clinical prep days, computer training, etc. that may be planned on your "off" days. Unlike other programs, you do have advance notice about them (usually at the beginning of the semester, or two weeks before it). So you may need someone else to pick your kids up on those days. But generally you do have a set schedule (except for your preceptorship in 4th semester, you need to coordinate that with your preceptor).

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    I am in the program now and I definitely think it's worth the cost. I got into other top programs, but the one on one support you get at Duke is amazing. There is so much faculty support and we're really learning beyond just passing the NCLEX. Plus there are a lot of opportunities here that you wouldn't get at a state school...amazing speakers, opportunities to travel abroad, innovative teaching, simulations, labs, small classes/clinical groups. if you want to stay in your town then maybe going to a local school with local name recognition would be better for you. I want to eventually get my DNP and I want to work for top hospitals in the country and so that's why I chose Duke. I think having Duke on your resume does help! The networking is also really nice too. I'm extremely biased because I love it here. Feel free to message me if you have any more questions.

    This is anecdotal information about UNC that didn't really make me want to go there. I'm from out of state anyway so the tuition difference isn't that great.

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    I am in Duke's ABSN program and I LOVE it. I am really glad I chose to go to Duke.

    There really isn't a big difference between the three different options. Choose the one that sounds most interesting to you. Everyone takes the same classes, but the research people take one extra research class (3.0 credits) and a 1.0 credit elective. The Spanish people take four 1.0 credit Spanish classes. The genetics people take two 2.0 credit genetics classes, otherwise their classes are the same.

    I can't speak to the new curriculum because they haven't talked to us about it at all. But I know they take student feedback really seriously so any changes they make are sure to be beneficial. Maybe they'll talk more about the new curriculum at Duke Days?

    I know they look at applicants holistically. It's hard to tell you if you'll get in or not. It's about the overall package, not just raw scores. But of course they want to make sure you'll succeed in such a fast-paced program.

    I don't really know how competitive it is to get in. I know there are a lot of people in my class who got into other top programs and chose Duke (over UPenn, Hopkins, Columbia, UNC, etc). When I interviewed for Duke Days it seemed to be everyone's favorite or top choice. I think Dukke might be slightly harder to get into than the other listed schools because Duke's cohort sizes are smaller. Duke, I believe, aims for a class size of 65-75 whereas the other schools were all above 100 (I think Columbia is closer to 190). I think UNC is easier to get into if you're from NC because as a state school they have to accept 2/3 of in-state students.

    I really enjoy the small cohort size (I know everyone) and the perks such as free tutoring, a peer mentor, abroad opportunities and super supportive faculty.

    Feel free to ask more questions. I hope you get in. I remember the anxiety around applying. Definitely go to Duke Days and visit the other schools you apply to. Visiting campuses really showed me the kind of environment I wanted to be at.

    GO DUKE!

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    They purposely tell us not to reveal what's asked during the group interview. But it's just fun and low key. I think they are trying to get personalities and see if people are a good fit. For the individual interviews they basically ask you the questions the personal essays asked about. The interviewers don't have access to your personal statement so you can repeat that information if you'd like. It's the same questions most people ask...why nursing, what you bring to the program, strengths, weaknesses, etc. I don't recall the details exactly but it wasn't anything out of the ordinary.

    Good luck! Duke is a GREAT program. I really love it here.

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    If you guys can make it to Duke Days in person, I'd definitely recommend it! It's what made me choose Duke over the other schools I got into (Hopkins, Columbia). Plus a lot of people I met at Duke Days got in and that's kind of how we knew who we wanted to become roommates with. Plus the group interview is fun and it's nice to see campus and to talk to current students!

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for your reply, but most of the ones I've looked at have the pediatric stem cell transplant as a section of the oncology floor (Seattle Children's, Johns Hopkins, CHOP). I was looking for hospitals where it's a completely separate unit