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    I have a question. I was called by my job saying a nurse called off for her on call shift tomorrow and that they are mandating me to take it and I will have to go in they have scheduled cases (OR). Is his allowed?
    I'm already going to be on call Sunday during the day then working Sunday midnight.
    I had plans tomorrow and was not prepared for this to happen. Extremely upset. Any insight?

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    I'm a hospice RN and last night I received a call from the patients daughter stating her mom had blue urine, and to prove her point she sent me a video of it, and it looks like blue kool-aid. Has anyone ever seen blue urine and if so what would be the cause if this. Obviously with her being a hospice patient we are not seeking treatment or doing any testing. She is not taking any medication or eating anything that would cause this. I have never seen anything like this before and was curious if anyone else has seen this? Can't wait to hear what you all have to say.

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    Thanks so much for your thoughts and ideas on this. I will definitely make sure it is listed as clinical experience and I'll try to keep it brief as well. Thanks so much I appreciate it.

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    I'm trying to critique my resume, I'm having a hard time getting any job offers. I have heard people say that you should include clinical sites and hours in your resume as experience. Is this true or not? Do you include it in yours? I appreciate your advice.


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    Just wanted to say hi and congrats. I was in the first year LPN-RN (2009-2010) program at AH. Good luck, it is hard work but worth it in the end If you have questions let me know.

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    This thread is awesome. I read every post and I took my nclex-RN the other day and because of this thread I was able to answer some questions I wouldn't have had the answer to and I passed my exam Thanks so much for posting this thread and those who gave great stuff to remember.

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    Quote from keldel
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! you just gave me total confidence that i can do this also bc i also failed 2 times and will be taking again in a month GOOD FOR U!!!
    Good luck. I know how hard it is to pick yourself up, swallow your pride and start finding another way to study. Just keep telling yourself you will pass. Review content you're not confident in and review it, and do tons of practice questions, review all questions answered even ones you got right. That way you can understand the topic.
    You will pass. Don't give up. Good luck.

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    Quote from eve5483
    I got the good pop up!!!
    Congrats. I got a good pop up today as well

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    Quote from jewls67
    congrats RN!!!! I failed my first time and will be taking it again in a week Do you have any pointers to give me, that would be great! I have been doing kaplan qbank questions, hurst review online and proritization book from lacharity, do you know of anything else that could help me? Thanks so much, please pray that I pass this monster test.
    god bless you!
    Put in the time to study. I went back and studied content. Especially the areas I was weak in. I also did an entire book of priority, delegation. I also did flash cards of all labs and critical med values. I also did 100-200 questions a day. It helped a ton changing my way of studying and thinking. Going in there today I felt confident and calm.
    Good luck. You can do it, don't give up.

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    my other 2 times i failed with 265 questions each time. today i only had 119 and just did the person vue trick and i got the good pop-up

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    Quote from leslie :-D
    i strongly advise you to see either your pcp or surgeon asap.
    it sounds like infection, and should trust your instincts.

    Thanks. I think I'll try calling their on call answering service. Can't hurt. What will I be called this time a hypochondria? Lol

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    Quote from Altra
    No, it's not that it's contraindicated. However, IV Dilaudid is no longer an order option for patients on med-surg floors at several hospitals in my area, as I described in my posts above. It can only be given in a critical care environment.
    I can understand. It is a very strong drug. I really didn't care what they gave me. I don't like feeling so drugged up I just didn't want to be in pain.
    Btw my dose was only 0.5 so not much but it was enough to take the edge off.

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    Quote from Altra
    Only IV. The rationale is ... q 30 minute VS and continuous pulse ox monitoring. The chole patient, as in the OP's example, would never have had IV Dilaudid as an order option where I work unless for some reason they were in the unit.

    Yes, really.

    As I said ... once upon a time in the ER I routinely gave 2mg Dilaudid IV and sometimes even 4mg. But after sentinel events ... everything changes.
    Is dilaudid contraindicated for a
    Chole?? Just wondering? I never asked for dilaudid itwas what the surgeon ordered.

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    Quote from onaclearday
    OP, I take it you are home. I hope your pain is manageable, PO medicated now?

    So, I am understanding that you didn't get a chance to go PO prior to d/c? What if you got in the car and by the time you got home, were in so much pain that you had to get taken back in through the ER? There is a crappy readmit ding for them!

    I would not deal with nursing staff. I would just call my surgeon. That is the way I roll. I called my mom's surgeon in his car to notify him of some really crappy nursing (long story that you just wouldn't believe). He was @!*^ as well, and that was that. I just don't care that I am a nurse. I just don't care for chain of command because SUPER crappy nurses = SUPER crappy nurse management. The corporate girl comes out and I get it the heck DONE!
    Yes im home. They gave me rx for norco 5/325, 1 q4 and it isn't touching the pain. I took 2 to see if that would help but no. I'm miserable and I have a bad feeling I have an infection. I've had many lap surgeries for my endo and not one has ever looked like this. Mine is bright red approx 10xcm around my navel and very hot I'm keeping an eye on it. if I call my surgeon and need to go back I will tell him it better be a different hospital.

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    Quote from Florence NightinFAIL
    Why did you wait for an hour? Maybe they were testing you and since you didn't call back for that long they assumed you really weren't in pain? Stranger things have happened.

    Now is the time 'that annoying family member' would have been useful!

    [Edited to add] - That aide is on some kind of power trip. She is commenting on something that is beyond her scope. She needs to be dealt with becasue she might have been feeding the nurse false info. It's the nurse's fault too - but don't forget about the aide's contribution. What a piece of work!
    I waited cause I don't like to constantly ask and ask.
    Why would they test me? I had surgery. I have 4 incisions. I think it's pretty obvious I was in pain. Every time I moved I would be in tears. The meds they sent me home in are not even working. But I am scared to even call and say to anyone cause I dont want to be treated like a druggy.
    I might call though cause my navel incision is burning red and hot. I think I have an infection. It is the worse pain I've ever had and I have 2 kids.