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    I just started ENP program this summer. I bought the APA 6th edition because it will be needed for every course. I rented the 1 text book that was required from
    I would agree that having 2 classes max is best. This one summer class is quite a bit of work since it's condensed. From previous experience I found that 3 courses with working FT and family responsiblities was more than I was comfortable with.

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    I am in policy & economics with Dr King now. I will also be registering for theory and A&P in the fall. Maybe we will be classmates next semester? There were several options for the same class when I went to register. since I didn't know any of the instructors or anyone in the class I just blindly picked one.

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    It has only been a couple of weeks but so far it is just fine. I have done on-line courses before and this course is actually a little better than previous experience. I have been very impressed with the timelyness of the instructors responses to questions and conversations. Some of the assignments have been a little confusing but instructor has been very patient and helpful in answering questions. Since it is a summer class and condensed the work load is a little intense but not overwhelming.

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    Don't take my word for it, but from what I understand the initial campus visit is done just prior to beginning clinicals.

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    Hey Jay!
    Good to see some positive comments on USA. I am just a couple weeks into my first semester and I am enjoying it too. I am in the Masters ENP program.

    Good luck!

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    Sugar Pill, I also had a few moments of concern after reading negative posts about USA. I am also in the FNP/ACNP program beginning this summer. I was able to talk with someone who just finished the program. She was shocked to hear what I told her I read on here. She had a completely different view of the program and school, all positive. I have come to the resolution that most of what is available on forums tend to be negative. I have been successful with distance programs in the past, they are challenging for many reasons and not right for everyone. I will definitely keep the experiences shared here (good and bad) stored in the back of my mind but I am going into this program with a positive attitude.
    Good luck to you, maybe I will "see" you around. Just registered today for the policy course.

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    Note to self: don't check emails with flight gloves on....I accidentally erased your email, can you email me again? Sorry!

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    Hello classmates
    I sent you guys my personal email address.
    I have set up my USA email too. I have it set up so it goes to my iphone for easy access, but I have one received on email so far.
    I also sent in my acceptance packet. I was a little unsure about one of the immunizations. I think it was measles? I have record of one MMR and a positive titer, hoping that will be good enough. My PMD said she didn't want to give me an MMR since I already have a positive titer.
    I will have to go check into the financial aid too. I have been scouring the internet for scholarships and grants. I get discouraged because it seems like there are a lot of bogus ones that are really just advertisements. Writing the essays look time consuming too, and for pretty small awards.
    I know one person who is finishing her ENP at USA. I told her I had read some negative feedback on here. She said she has really enjoyed to program, had good rapport with instructors, admin and classmates. Talking with her made me even more excited!!!!
    I can't wait to start!

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    Aha!!! That's why I can't message either!!!
    Another person from Florida "friended" me here that will be starting the FNP program thus summer. She mentioned that there is a few people on here.
    I am in the (FNP/Acute Care) ENP program.

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    Congratulations!!! I got accepted to the same program. Message me if you want to swap contact info.

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    Sorry to hear you were not accepted WannBeFNP. I wasn't accepted my first try either. I know that feeling of disappointment. But, heads up, try again!!
    Florida Congrats! I'm excited to know of some one starting at the same time! I can't figure out how to message you, can you message me?

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    I got my acceptance letter yesterday for Summer!!!!

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    The Fall 2011 deadline has past, the count down begins. Has anyone else applied? I was planning on applying for the Fall 2011 DNP as sort of a back up. Having writers block with the essays.

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    I got a rejection letter on Saturday Oct 30th.
    I had an email conversation with an academic advisor. They were very kind to give quick responses, but they did not tell me if there is anything I can do to strengthen my application. They did say they had 1000 applicants. I was under the impression that they allow a certain number of seats for each program, but now I am thinking they just take a certain number of students and don't focus on the specialty????
    I am preparing my summer application (deadline Feb 1st). They said that notification would go out 6-8 weeks after that. I believe that means that I will have to submit a fall application while I am waiting on the summer semester notification. I have decided to also apply for the fall DNP if I don't get into summer.
    Does any one have any ideas for what I can do between now and the end of January to improve my resume?????