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    Funny, this sounds all so farmiliar to the many NICU's I have worked. Yes, we are pretty anti-tape to anything also. We are going to be meeting with engineering next week to come up with a plan to make almost everyone happy, I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for your feedback.

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    Thanks. The manufacturer for Giraffe beds would not take a position on it except to say some places are doing it and some are not, but they didn't recommend it because they didn't make the product that would hold the sanitizer. We are thinking of maybe just using a strong double sided style of tape to attach them, that way we were not drilling into the machine or something along those lines. We will probably just move forward on the project, if so, I will let you know how it goes.

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    Our NICU has limited wall space and counter space to place hand sanitizers. Our solution was to attach hand sanitizers with brackets to our Giraffe Omnibeds, cribs, and isolettes for easier access and less " disappearing" of sanitizers from counter tops. Does anyone know of other units attaching the sanitizer to the beds? Our engineering dept. will do this for us, but would like feedback from other units. Really need pictures if possible. Thanks for your help.

    Robbie, ANM