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    Quote from LBHOTGIRL99
    I am just wondering if there is a difference in working for a Hospital affiliated with a University versus, an ordinary non-university affiliated hospital? What seems to be the pros and cons of each? I am just curious in knowing if there are any differences in work conditions. Thanks.
    In Canada, University Hospitals received grants and funds for research & development. Evidence practice nursing is usually a strong emphasis. More money usually mean more oppunities to learn cut edge discoveries. Regular hospitals have funding limitations which means their equipment, supplies and areas of speciality is limited. This is probabily the same in the USA.

    You need to decide if the hospital you choose would meet your expectations. Do you want to develop your career further; move in other areas of nursing and continue your education - than a University Hospital would meet those needs. If you like the small community hospital and would be equally happy learning to improve only in that environment - apply there. I am sure you can look back at nursing rotation and see the pros and cons. If you can go for an informational interview and talk to the RNs, who work in those facilities. This way you can get a feel of how your personality would match. It also helps in the interview process as well because you made an effort to do some research. I hope this would help you.

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    Unable to go to your web site - nurse nevada

    I am a new grad in Toronto. St. Rose came to our job fair last year. Is there another medical facility you would recommend that I should take a took at. I am a little confused with the medical centers.

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    What is it like to work at UC Davis? What is their new grad program like? If you have any information, I would greatly appreciated.

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    I've found that the Kaplan in class helped me the most. I did a lot of study questions from Saunders, Mosby, Davis, Lippincott and the NCSBN web site. In the end, it was the strategies that I have learned from the Kaplan class that helped me past.

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    Has anyone been through the Alta Bates new RN Grad program?
    What do you think about it? Are the nurses helpful on the Renal/medical unit? Is it just as good as the UCLA grad program?

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    Quote from eb0lagirl
    Hi. My name is Emilie and I started as a new grad at UCLA about a year and a half ago. I highly recommend starting at UCLA because so many of the other staff members learn right along with you. Out of nursing school, I started in the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit ("the mother of all ICUs"), where we have both peds and adults. We recover heart and lung transplant patients, aneurisms, valve repairs, correct congenital anomalies, to name a few. Not a day goes by where I don't feel challenged and fulfilled; there are countless opportunities to learn. Anyone who will be interviewing at UCLA, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My e-mail address is I have the inside scoop pretty much, and I know the recruiter very well and some of the nursing managers too. Hopefully I can be of some help to you or maybe show you around.
    Hi Emilie

    I am a new grad with my Minnesota license. I not sure how to apply to UCLA. Do you know what the starting salary is for a new Grad? What does an apartment go for in LA? Any suggestions.


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    Quote from gamegirlkimmy
    Have you considered Kaiser, benefits are great and things have really changed for the better over the last few years. Patient service and satisfaction is at an all time high and personally they have been very supportive of my goals and ideas. I have nothing bad to say about my work experience with Kaiser and opportunity for advancement is available for those with the desire. Feel free to email me.
    I am glad to hear some positive information. Not every hospital or every unit have the best support system. It's these positive comments that help attrack new staff and keep them.

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    Quote from mdfog10

    check this link out Alta Bates is in danger of losing their JACHO accreditation
    Can you elaberate further? I was considering of looking for employment there.

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    Quote from luilui_604
    i got a job offer at alta bates (stroke unit) and i verbally accepted their offer...i just have to write my nclex and get my visa screen approved before i go..hopefully by april 2005...any other info about alta bates would the way, work conditions from one unit doesn't always reflect the work environment on another unit....i hope there will be some wards with a positive work environment!!

    peaceful, what area did u want to work in?
    Have you ever been to Alta Bates for a physical visit on site?