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    Quote from Stacy W
    My name is Stacy and i will be graduating in May with my ADN nursing degree. I was wondering what everyone thinks about nurses with ADN degrees? Do you think they should go on? Let me know what you all think.
    I have been an LPN and now an RN for over 30 years,, have worked in many fields and positions,, my experience has been, give me an ADN over a BSN new grad any day,, they have much more experience and don't come to their jobs with a big chip on their shoulders. After about 2 yrs,, they all either make it or break it. And as for the rude insult over how people talk and you think you can tell if they have an ADN or BSN.. I have known people with Doctrates, Masters, etc,, who verbal and writting skills are totally inadequate. Good luck in your nursing career. Depending on the type of nursing you want, depends on your education. But many many places do not differ, we ALL had to pass the same dang test...