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    Of course you have to be a Little Crazy to Work in the ER.

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    Thanks for the Info.

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    if you use a free Pedometer app on your phone. Just leave your phone in you pocket and Go!. It will add your steps for you. No extra charge.
    I use Argus on my iPhone.

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    Your right! It IS the best job in the world but you do so much paperwork, your only making $5.00 hr. at the end of the day. I tried everything, taking paper work home to work on after dinner and get up earlier in the morning 5am to finish. It comes down to the workload / visits your company gives you per day and the miles you drive. You cant drive 100 miles a day and expect to see 4 return / routine visits, Admission and ROC and get home by dark. We had paper and laptops with McKesson and I worked for multiple companies, but still worked on my day off. It was a 24/7 job. and went I was off, no one would see my pt. uhh! I loved the pts but it was too much. After 4yrs I went back to the hospital and love my days off. Try working in a wound care clinic if you dont want to go back to the hospital. Good Luck.

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    I've started working in Oncology 6 months ago (been a RN for 19 yrs) and yesterday this pt just really touch my heart. She was my age a beautiful young lady, with beautiful long brown hair. She was Dx with severe Colon CA with metz. She even had a colostomy. She was admitted for Chemo. Her pain was so severe and she had nausea and vomiting all day. Her weight has dropped and not eating. Her mom was at her bedside not knowing how to comfort her daughter, all she could do was rub her back, hold her long wavy hair as she vomited and then wipe her face with a wet wash cloth. I gave her all the meds I could through her port, to keep her comfortable as the Chemo ran through her veins. All 3 of us were crying. I think i was so emotional because she was my age and I could never imagine what I would do if I was in her shoes. She is so brave and her poor mom...uhh!

    I know I cant do much to cure her but I do know I'm in the right place as an oncology nurse. Of course when I get home my family ask "how was your day?" I just say "Busy!" and move on. Know one really GETS! what we deal with every day. Just venting, I love my job even though is is very emotional.

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    I love my Nursing job and benefits, but with working 3, 12hr days. I use my 4 days off selling Real Estate. I have been a license realtor since 2006 and have flipped 1-2 houses a year. Its the best of both worlds.

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    If your goal is nursing finish and focus on your RN /BSN 1st. Paramedic is another 2yrs, get ER exp 1st then decide. Keep your EMT up update it will help and good luck!

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    congrats! thanks for the update. what experience did you have previously? Good luck in the ER keep us posted.

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    Maybe she could try it over the summer. take a per diem job.

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    I enjoyed reading everyones input on this subject. I started on an Oncology Floor with some pretty sick patients getting Chemo. Its not easy seeing people go through this because Cancer has no limit to age, some are so young. Its a daily struggle to make a differance in my patients lives.

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    I think taking a job a Jackson would be a great opportunity. It would be about a 45 min. drive though.

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    Welcome to South Florida. I live near Coral Springs, Why do you feel you need to work in the hospital? Why not stick with Hospice?
    PM me any time.

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    Hi, Im new to Oncology and looking for advice. How long does it take to get Chemo certified? I heard 6 months or so? Thanks in advance.

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    I need to learn some spanish. Spanish for Medical Professionals maybe?
    I have a long commute and thinking of some CD's I can listen to on the way to work. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Does anyone having experience at Jackson Memorial Hosp. in Miami on Oncology? I'm just considering a job offer there. I hear they are very busy but doing great things with cancer treatments and alternative blood produces there.