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    I'm right there with you. I've been on a cardiac floor for 4 years, knew my sh*t, advised Drs on what orders they should give, was a preceptor for new RNs, charge nurse almost every night...then I decided to transfer to ICU about a month ago to challenge myself & a challenge it has been. I feel like a brand new nurse...slowly getting the hang of it & educating myself. Try the app scribd. It has books, PDFs, all kinds of stuff. I've got a lot of stuff off of there.

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    "Ok, enough running. Someone get me a straw, a shoelace & a safety pin. You've pushed me to have to break out the blow dart gun. Nurse MacGyver is administering this flu shot!"

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    Quote from CAnurse2012
    This may be a stupid question, but one of my patients HR showed in the low 20, however 1 of the 5 leads was off. Is it a true heart rate or not?
    No. Just like it can show a rhythm other than what the heart may actually be in. Sometimes a-fib or other crazy rhythms are shown when leads are too close together too. For accuracy all the leads need to be on and properly placed.

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    I couldn't see myself doing any shift other than nights. I enjoy the night atmosphere better than the day one. I am able to see my family more with me working the night shift. Not to mention the differential is worth doing nights all in itself! Sleep can be challenging, but it's a work in progress.

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    Worked for me too in the parking lot of the testing center. Wouldn't let me re-register; had a license the next AM.