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    Quote from hazlenut88
    Hello! I took my boards here in western PA this past Thursday, January 24th, 2013. I graduated Dec 7, 2012 and within days of completing the NCLEX Prep workshop, I had my ATT in hand. I studied, reviewed and did anywhere from 100-200 questions per day,taking weekends off.

    Wednesday night came, I got a good night sleep, felt really prepared for the NCLEX the next morning in Pittsburgh. I was confident. I didn't struggle in nursing school, scored a 98% on my NCLEX predictor in school - I HAD THIS!

    Sat down, 4 EKG strips, many ordered processes and I swear at least 20 select all that apply. Waiting and waiting for the questions to get harder. Thinking, this cannot be good, why aren't they getting harder - aren't they SUPPOSED to get harder?! The computer shut off at 160. I was devastated at this point. But I also knew in my gut (trust your gut, by the way) that I had gotten the very last question correct. That was a good sign, right?!

    Until I got home, that is. I did the Pearson Vue "Trick". Well the screen came up for me to put in my credit card information. That isn't a good sign, they said. It means you failed, they said. I felt like the world was ending. And let's face it, to a new graduate nurse – IT WAS! The PVT is almost 100% accurate, afterall. I checked that site I know 20 times and had a friend of mine check it from their computer miles away – still showing a cc page to purchase a new exam. How could I come this far and FAIL. The dreaded F word.

    I kept telling myself, well I can retake it in 45 days. But what do I tell my three children who had helped me along the way through school. What kind of example is being set? By midnight Thursday night I had resigned myself to the fact that I was retaking the NCLEX. I had a game plan in mind and the next morning I was going to the bookstore and buying a Kaplan book.

    The next morning as I readied myself to go to the bookstore and put my plan in action. I sat at the computer, figured I'd check the PA Board of Nursing site and confirm what PVT had told me the day before. Well guess what folks, PVT was wrong. As of yesterday,January 25, 2013, I am indeed a Registered Nurse in the state of Pennsylvania! I'm happy, my husband is happy and my three kids are just so tickled to see Mom accomplish this goal. So please, be wary of the PV Trick, it's not 100%.
    Wow it worked for me I found out on the 25 here in Texas. But hey as you say be careful.Congrats

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    You will get it the next time keep up the studying I took the hurst review and it seen to be very helpful good luck and I will continue to pray for you keep up the good attitude ..

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    I took mine also this morning and I am so glad I took the hurst review it really put thing in order for me and yes I got the pop up to but i got all 205 questions

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    I took nclex pn this morning also I got all 205 question so I was ery nervous I am here in texas so we get quick results in 2 day but I did the trick and I got the lovely message also plus I was told they would take you gvn straight done from the BON websit I sure hope this trick works because I really worked hard on many sleepless night and much praying.....

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    Quote from indigoeyesrn
    I just finished my first year of nursing school and will be taking the nclex this summer. That said, my husband works out of town and I have a two year old. Although you feel overwhelmed now, if you really want this then you will make it work out. You will be surprised how many people will step up to help you. This is an amazing opportunity and be proud that you are in the program and wait until you get the opportunity to walk across the stage and get your pin and diploma!! all sacrifices will be worth it. Just make sure you have a couple hours a week that you get to spend with your baby!! Good luck!!
    So true....

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    Listen I am married with 6kids and I am at the end of yhe second semester of lvm school and my husband is without a job so he is in school also faith is your moto it is lots of single parents in my class and again faith has gotten them through you can do it just know this is for you you will do great and congrats

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    Quote from nqgrl09
    Hello All,I'm brand new to this site as far as participating I've been a silent reader for a while lol I couldn't find any forums on fortis college in Centerville.I wanted to know if anybody has attended their LPN program and how did you like it? Everybody says their not accredited but I went on the Ohio Board Of Nursing website and it says they are fully accredited not on provisional just wondering what the confusion is there. I want to make the right decision as far as school goes so any and all input would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
    I am also new on the forum,I am in the Lvn program at Tjc in Texas and it is great I am getting tired now but it is worth it I will be graduating in August ready

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    That is wonderful to hear I will graduate in august and I pray I pass mine first time