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  • Aug 2 '16

    Quote from MarieAngel

    I am a US born RN/BSN with dual US/Italian citizenship. I want to start traveling internationally in about a year and am wondering what the proccess would be. I have experience in M/S, Tele, PCU, ICU and Cardiac Cath. I have tried to look up international travel companies, but the majority of these companies focus on foreign nurses looking to travel to the US and not the other way around. Does anyone know of any international travel companies for US nurses looking to travel internationally? I am interested in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Thanks!


    I am a US born RN/BSN with dual US/Italian citizenship. I have experience in 7 years experience in M/S, Tele, PCU, ICU and Cardiac Cath. The most recent being Cardiac Cath and ICU. I am interested in international travel nursing. Specifically in Europe and Australia. Does anyone know of any travel companies that specialize in US nurses wanting to travel abroad? Most of the companies I look up focus on foreign nurses wishing to travel to the US. I have been a travel nurse within the US and enjoyed it, so am looking to go international! Anyone with any information on the process to get started with a company or who to contact would be greatly appreciated! I cannot find much information on this on the internet. I am hoping that it will be slightly easier for me being that I am also an Italian citizen. Thanks!

    Hello! I am a US born RN/BSN with a dual US/Italian citizenship. I would like to start traveling internationally and cannot find any companies specializing in US nurses wishing to travel abroad. Most that I have found focus on foreign nurses wanting to travel to the US. I have 7 years nursing experience in M/S, Tele, PCU, ICU and Cardiac Cath. The most recent being Cardiac Cath and ICU. I am hoping the process for me will be much shorter being that I am an Italian citizen, but have no idea where to start! Help!
    Are you still looking to travel???

    I am a RN with over 20 years of international work in every continent (except Antarctica!). Austalia and NZ are loosening up a bit on visa restrictions to let non commonwealth nurses in to their countries. Europe is easier since you have Italian citizenship. It would be very easy for you to get agency work in the UK. Probably one of the most popular companies would be pulse nursing agency. They have tons of work in London and offer short term contracts throughout the UK. You would first have to get a UK nursing license. Their sister company is Frontline Nursing. Another company who recruites from the US for 3 month positions is They will provide housing at least. The Channel Islands off the coast of France is English speaking and is always looking for nurses (depending on the specialty. I worked there for almost 2 years. A UK nursing license is sufficient to work there, and although not part of the EU, EU citizens can work there visa-free. Other possibilities would be Gilbraltar (English speaking, UK nursing license...they offer short term contracts on occasion) and Malta (also English speaking but requiring a Maltese nurse license).
    Singapore is currently recruiting for nurses (pay not so good and housing expensive, but could be an adventure for you. English is the working language). I also worked for several years in Brunei. At that time, any license from a Western country was sufficient and they paid all travel and moving costs. Salary was tax free and I spent lots of time in the rainforests on my days off. One of the hospitals there is always accepting applications. Jerudong Park Medical Centre. Just google it.

  • Jul 22 '16

    I passed on my 5th attempt and currently sit on the ICU board at my hospital. I've also been a Nurse Manager for 3 years. Obviously, my failed attempts have NOT determined the type of Nurse I have become. If anything, the failures made me see how much more I wanted that RN title so I continued to bust my behind. I've seen Nurses who passed on the first time STRUGGLE. One was googling the difference between hypo/hyperglycemia...hypo/hypertension on her cell phone our first day on the floor. Some couldn't even give a normal Na+ range and these were LICENSED RNs.. I'm not exaggerating. DO NOT listen to these snarky nurses criticizing the attempt limit. Great for them if they passed the first time. Unfortunately others aren't as lucky. If this is what you want, continue on that path. Don't let the rude remarks of others deter you from your dreams. Don't give up & I wish you nothing but the best.

    PS: QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS! Until you're blue in the face, BUT read them each thoroughly. Read the rationales for the answers, even for the questions you got right. It will help immensely.

  • Jul 22 '16

    Ruby it is this mentality of you and others that really irk me. I don't care if a nurse had to take the NCLEX 20 times to pass, not passing the nclex the first or second time by know means determines ones capability of being a great nurse. Have anyone ever thought about the fact that there are just some people who are poor test takers? There are nurses who struggled through school and on NCLEX but turned out to be competent nurses.
    Here is some food for thought: I know of a man who was an expert at taking exams. One day he was asked to take a nursing exam. Well, this man had no medical background whatsoever but still passed this nursing exam with flying colors. To me NCLEX does not test how much you know or what you know. NCLEX tests your ability to pick the best answer.
    These people made it through a vigorous nursing program. Therefore they do have some knowledge base about nursing.

    To you nurses out there that had to take the NCLEX multiple times to pass: Congrats, you did it! Hold your head up high and be proud of our accomplishment.

    To the nurses such as the OP who looks down and judge nurses that had to take the exam numerous times, I say this: Get a life and get over yourself!!!

    Before I get flammed I took both LPN and RN boards and passed with minimum questions on my first try
    Just because some of us did not have to walk 10 inches in snow to take a two day exam does not mean we don't deserve our license anymore then you all do!
    I'm done with this thread. Thank you and God bless you all