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    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]i was recently accepted for fall 2012 as a transfer student from california, so hopefully this helps!

    the nln wasn't horribly difficult, but if you don't get all-around good scores, do try to excel in at least one category. personally i tanked in the math section (46) but i did well in the others - 92 for verbal, 95 for science. i kind of skimmed over the study guide about a month prior to the exam, but i really only started studying intensively like two weeks before. i'd say a month is good, two would probably be better. i took the exam about a month before the application deadline, but i actually went to go visit the campus to take the exam, so the results were instant. if you're going to find a proctor for the exam, i'd naturally allow a bit more time.

    gpa-wise, i don't know what the statistics of the other accepted students were. but my prereq gpa was 3.8 and my cum. gpa was 3.4 i think.

    i'm sure your fg will be fine. the sond is pretty lenient, i've found. after the admissions office did my transfer credit evaluation, i was worried that none of my math classes would meet the fs requirement (my precalc class was still under eval at the time) and when i emailed sond they said that even if the requirement wasn't met, they'd allow me to take it concurrently with the first semester nursing curriculum. so yeah, don't sweat it.

    good luck!