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    I see this a lot in TV shows. The doctors are at one table and the nurses are at another, generally with no mixing. Is this really how it is in real hospitals?

    Edit: Where do Physician Assistants sit? I'm planning to go to school for that and am worried I will be a man without a country lol

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    I'm trying to get patient care experience working in the medical field for PA school. I need something with a lot of patient interaction, and I'd prefer to have a bit of responsibility. Which should I look to work as, a CNA or Medical Assistant? Thanks.

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    I'm applying for jobs right now and many say something like Full-time 7a-7p. Is this M-F, or would it be something like M-W or M-R? Because I could be ok with working 12 hours a day monday to wednesday or thursday, but monday to friday seems a bit much. Thanks.

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    Hey all, I just applied to several hospitals for CNA and medical assistant-type jobs. I want to go and talk to someone just so they can put a face to the name, but who would I talk to? I know at for instance a grocery, if you wanted a job there you would talk to a manager. But what about at a hospital? I'm not sure who actually looks at potential employees' resumes and decides to call them for an interview or not so I don't know who to talk to. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    From what I understand, as a "Pool", you choose your own hours based on what they have available. Am I likely to find enough hours to work at least the equivalent of full-time (40 hrs/week)?

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    I'm applying in that area now. There are quite a bit of jobs available due to the number of hospitals. Your best bet would be to go here and find all the hospitals in Tampa and Bradenton, then go on their websites and see what jobs are available. Tampa General is the largest hospital and would be easiest to find work, but obviously there are much more places you can work, also.

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    Quote from SuperMeghan91
    If you have no experience working as a CNA, you should take some sort of class. I would advise you to try to find a course through a nursing home as they are usually cheaper, but if you're looking for FL state certified program you won't get it through a nursing home.
    Yeah... there is just no way I can justify paying hundreds of dollars to take a course for a test I already passed.

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    I recently challenged the CNA exam and passed, after never having taken any CNA classes before. I thought a CNA certification is a CNA certification, regardless of whether or not you took a class, but now, looking for jobs, many employers say things like this on their websites:

    REQUIRED EDUCATION: High School Dip or GED and CNA Tech training

    REQUIRED LICENSURE: FL cna license
    This implies that they want not only someone who is CNA certified, but someone who took a specific class for CNA, rather than someone like me who just challenged the test. Will they know if I didn't take a CNA course? Would they care? I can't imagine them asking someone to supply them with a copy of their transcript to prove they took a CNA class. Thank you.