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    Watch this video for a good explanation. It has worked for at least 30 or so of my classmates:

    My NCLEX-RN results - Pearsonvue Trick! It works! =) - YouTube

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    Thanks so much for the advice! I go tomorrow. If you are willing to give any additional advice I'd love it! Email Or PM me. THANKS!

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    I feel like I am one of the last ones out there that hasn't tested! I have 24 hours until I take the nclex for the 1st time. For anyone that has already gone, what do you recommend someone study in these last few precious hours? And don't say rest up, because I'm too nervous to sleep! If you had to say 1 or 2 things you wished you had studied more of before your test, what would it be? Thank you!

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    I have it, but can't figure out how to load a file in a response???

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    Quote from pugmom79
    Hi all!

    I am a new grad and just passed my boards and was very lucky to be offered a job right away. It is on an oncology floor and I am excited! I don't have the best hearing and want to invest in a new stethoscope. I was looking at the Littman master cardiology and the cardiology 3. Any input on these would be wonderful. I have a hard time hearing some heart sounds, but can usually hear lung sounds pretty well. I am leaning towards the master cardiology, but is it worth the money?

    Any insight would be much appreciated!

    I have a a Cardiology 3. Personally, I don't know that I'd recommend that particular one if you are worried about having a hard time hearing. The reason I have this one is because I worked in cardiology. My understanding is that it was meant to pick up "fine tunes" like heart murmurs, etc. Not meant for volume. When I went from my old classic littman to this one I almost thought it was broke because I couldn't hear BP sounds well. (Its not broke because I have 2 and they're both the same.) It took a long time getting used to and I have good hearing! If you have a hard time hearing, it will be hard to use. A few weeks ago I happend to use my co-worker's who had the littman master cardiology and I was blown away how much louder it was for checking a BP. I would think it would be good for getting a BP, and GI/Lung sounds. You'll hear the S1 and S2 sounds no problem. If all you are after is loud volume for now, I'd go with the Littman Master Cardiology if it were me. Also just keep in mind, stethoscopes tend to get lost and get stolen. Invest in a tag when you buy it!

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    Quote from Slopez205
    Hi i3rns,

    Some of us received our corrected confirmation letters this weekend. I was wondering if you could tell me what the first semester would look like and if it would even be conceivable to work part-time. Can you recall what a typical week was like? I appreciate any feedback.

    Hi Sandy,
    Congrats on getting in AGAIN!!! You can probably work part-time. It will be stressful, but it can be done! In first semester you will likely have one day of lecture, then one day of clinical starting a few weeks into the program, and then your skills labs somewhere in there. The skills labs for us were not always on the same day. So that makes 3 days a week for most of the semester. The skills usually start early in the semester and the clinicals start a few weeks later. So if you work Monday-Friday, you may only get to work 2 days per week. If you can work on the weekends at your job, you may get to work more. I worked 3 days a week at 1st, and felt like that was too much. But I know people that did it. In first semester there is a lot of reading. Some tests cover 10 or more chapters. So reading takes a lot of your time. If you can, I would try to read over the summer. They usually post the reading assignments on ecampus after registration. And you can look on the "community" tab under ecampus once you've been registered to get the syllabus. The syllabus will have definition terms to work on and topics to know. So those things can be done ahead to help you.

    Second semester gets a little easier as far as having time to work. But 3rd and 4th are much harder. Plan on working 1/2 what you did in 1st! Just my opinion

    Feel free to message me any questions!

    Best of luck!

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    You may be right. Like I said, never listen to the rumors and the drama! It also could be a North Lake vs El Centro issue too. I am not sure if NL had any errors. It sounds like you guys have a lot of waiting around to do! They delayed our letters too. Instead we waited an extra 2 weeks or something close to that. If you contact the school, I would recommend emailing and saving those emails rather than going in person, or calling. I learned to keep everything in writing! And yes, you do have 2 crazy years ahead of you!!

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    I have heard Northlake is pretty much the same. But NL has different teachers at their school. I have heard the administrators are the same for ECC and NL. Is that correct? I think Joan Becker is the dean for both schools, but not BH. But Brookhaven is a completely different program. I have better things about them.

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    I am sorry this has happened to you guys. I am 4th semester at ECC ADN program. I heard what's happened with your letters. (All rumors, which you will soon find out rumors fly around like crazy at this school.) I can tell you what I had is everyone got acceptance letters no matter if you're in or not. Meaning even if you were not accepted, you still go one. Is that true? I also heard they are basically starting all over. I hate to be the downer for your excitement! They are re-tracting a lot. Usually only about 60 make it in (for ECC at least) and 400-500 apply. That's a lot of errors! Even if all of the immunizations weren't done and all classes weren't completed- ppl still got accepted. And that never happens. If you don't have your stuff completed, you are automatically rejected. So if you know your stuff wasn't complete and you got an acceptance letter, you will probably be one that is later told it was an error.

    I feel bad for you guys, but let me tell you that this is a prime example of how this school works. It is complete unorganization. They are rude and never take the time to help you or answer your questions. The actual instructors for the most part are good, but the administration is terrible. It's like they hate their jobs and take it out on everyone else.

    Personally, if I had it to do all over again, I would have never picked ECC. I know I'm almost done now, but it has not been a good experience. Their pass rate on Nclex has gone down the last few years, and they are just not a good school anymore. I would look at programs like the UTA BSN online program that I think is only 15 or 18 months? Or even a regular BSN program anywhere. I know its more exspensive, but this program is so bad, that the extra money will be worth it. Plus you need a BSN anyways. Like someone said previously, all schools are going to Magnet Status. One of the requirements of going magnet is that all your nurses have to be BSN and not ADN. So all of us are going to take the 13 month bridge at UTA to get our BSN anyways.

    This is just my personal opinion. But if you did not actually get in to the program, move on to a better school and know that it was probably for the best.

    If you are one that did make it in, congrats. And get ready for 2 crazy years! Get all of your extra classes out of the way over the summer and winter semester. Don't try to take A&P or Micro (or whatever classes) on top of your RNSG classes. Nursing school is very demanding. I know people that tried to work 40 hours per week, and it's just too much! When I got in, I cut my hours to 30 per week and it's very tough. If you work at a hospital and can do weekends, its a little easier. But nursing school will easily tie up 20-30 hours per week.

    Best of luck to all of you as you wait for your response!