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    hi!! im taking microbiology this fall, have anyone taken this course at any of the MCCKC colleges? if so could you please tell me of a GOOD instructor to take this course with as i have taken A & P and past that but only because i had a very good instructor!!!

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    yes i heard of MEDS, the course is 775$ for 8 weeks, I know someone in the course now set to take the state exam on the 23rd of may! However the course is easy aslong as you study, clinicals are on a sign up basis (100 hours) pretty good so far. I know Penn Valley allows 1 point if your a CNA or if you have healthcare experience. so if you have the experience you can save $775!! But i guess its good to get anyway if you have the extra money.

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    hi i have taken all of my pre-reqs at penn valley & some online, except for microbio which i hoping to take this fall. all of the classes were easy as long as you study, i will tell you that anatomy & phy is very HARD!!! but i survived it only because i would practice learning the parts of the body by referencing myself & 6yr daughter haha she got a kick out of the word phalanges!! so the only classes i have left are the RNUR courses. mr martin is a good one for bio. but good luck!

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    :spin: Im currently a student at PV, and i have a few questions to any student that has taken the RN day program, this fall i will be applying to the program but im unsure if i should go for that day or eve program since i work during the day but can be offered a flex schedule while im in school. however the eve program is only offered in even years so this furthers my wait.

    my question is how is the day program schedule wise, like are in class 8-4 mon-fri or is somedays so many hours a day and when are clinicals offered? do you sign up at your convience or are the dates already set?

    someone please help me

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    sounds like you were almost there! next time im sure you will do awhole lot better since you now know what the test is about!! good for you