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    Hey bbqchick, I am finishing up my RN schooling this December!! I started in the spring so I had this summer in between my third and fourth semester- with that I decided to get my LPN and get some "nursing experience" before I graduate. I had been a unit secretary for the past 5 years on a labor and delivery unit so I thought I would seek out a job in Med-surg nursing. I now work on an orthopedic medsurg unit and it has been quite an eye-opener to say the least. I think you are probably just being a bit hard on yourself, but believe me I know how it feels to work with people who avoid the opportunity to assist the "newbies" out there. I hope you remember that in a year or two when someone else is new and will need your expert advise. I know I will. I have made a lot of near misses and a few small errors, but I will tell you the one thing that has really helped me through this is my humility.... I know I don't know it all so I asked a lot of questions and I look a lot of things up. And I try to be very calm and kind to everyone I come across no matter what they express towards me. It has worked wonders. Hang in there, and keep up with this bulletin board. this was the first time I saw it and you guys are hilarious!!!