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    Quote from Stacy W
    My name is Stacy and i will be graduating in May with my ADN nursing degree. I was wondering what everyone thinks about nurses with ADN degrees? Do you think they should go on? Let me know what you all think.
    Hi Stacy,
    Ive tasted both side of the coin, ADN and BSN. My ADN at least in my area gave me the ability to hit the floor and function as a nurse with little assistance. The BSN was more theory and less practical again in my area of the country. Many people here go the ADN to BSN route.
    Hold your head high your as good as anybody, you just lack experiance.
    In my state (Georgia) ADNs take the same state required test as the BSNs. The local ADN schools Always have a higher number of nurses passing than does the BSN program.

    As far as going on. If you want to be in the administrtive area of nursing you need to get the BSN. Or, you could go back to school and get a BS in another area such as law or business.

    Bset of Luck!

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    Quote from Tweety
    Hi New Guy In Town! Welcome!
    Thanks Tweety!

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    Quote from KaroSnowQueen
    Our N/P ratio has been 1:6 forever. We are a telemetry med-surg unit.
    Now they are wanting us to take drips and are sending all the nurses to a class to learn about the drips (Amiodorone, Cardizem, Dobutamine, etc). But our ratio has been increased to 1:7!!! We all are feeling very nervous about this and often feel overwhelmed with regular patients, let alone taking on some potentially unstable pts on Cardiac drips.
    What are the ratios in this situation on your units?

    PS "They" are saying our ratio was ALWAYS supposed to be 1:7, but in reality this has come about by them turning several private rooms on our unit into semi privates and just not increasing the number of nurses accordingly - we did gain one nurse but we really need two. And didn't increase the CNAs at all.
    These people are asking you to take a great risk. We have two units that are similar but the ratio is 1:4 and they are limited to having a NTG drip only and only under special circumstances. Circumstances such as not enough patiens for a full 1:4 load or an additional nurse is called in for a one on one with the drip patient. I suggest you all stand togeather and ask the higher ups which one of them is going to take the heat when the patient dies because of their greed.

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    This is the first forum Ive ever joined and hope to learn alot from everyone out there. Ive done some agency /travel work and would like a better insght on how they work. Can anyone help?