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    One more bump to the top...

    Any response would be appreciated.

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    Quote from gkling33
    CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who has been accepted to the CSUEB Nursing (Class of 2014). I'm in the class of 2013 (at the Concord campus) and know how anxious I was waiting and waiting and waiting for the acceptance email to come...and how unbelievable it felt to finally get it!!! There has been some discussion here about which campus to choose (Hayward vs. Concord). Most people will choose based on which one is closer for them (shorter commute). I took pre-requisite classes on both campuses, and I can tell you that Concord is much smaller, parking is much easier, but both are great places. Concord is small, but in a great rural location (cows on the hillsides, turkeys wandering around campus...we even saw a coyote run across the hillside outside our classroom yesterday during Nursing Theory lecture...very cool. As the class one year ahead of you guys, we'll be putting together an Orientation day for your class....mostly likely to happen in early July. You'll be notified of the date as soon as we have it confirmed. It'll be a fun (full) day to meet your fellow classmates, tour the campus, meet the faculty and level II some games, buy books, order nursing patches, sweatshirts, etc. Anyway...congrats again...this is a very competitive program (getting in) should feel very very proud of your accomplishment. See you soon!!
    Dear gklin33,

    I have been accepted for the Fall 2012 program at Hayward.

    Would you mind telling me whether we are required to purchase books at orientation? I have always purchased my college textbooks second-hand and would love to continue doing so.

    Please advise...


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    Bump to the top...

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    I have been accepted into the CSU EB nursing program on the Hayward campus.

    Would you mind sharing your experience in the program?

    How were the teachers?

    How were the clinicals?

    Was it a tough program to go through?

    Were you well-prepared for the NCLEX?

    How was it like getting a job afterwards?

    Thank You!
    David D.

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    Thank you very much for the information. I appreciate it!

    Did you have to drive to the hospitals where you rotated, or were you escorted to the hospitals on a bus with the entire nursing school?

    How was it like getting a job after school?

    Would anyone mind sharing their SFSU experience?


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    Hi Folks!

    I have been accepted into both SFSU and CSU EB.

    I need to decide which school to go.

    Would you mind sharing your experience in your respective program?

    Did you like your professors?

    Were program administrators kind?

    How difficult were the classes?

    Were you well-prepared for the NCLEX?

    How were clinicals, and which hospitals did you rotate through?

    What should one look for when choosing rotations?

    I dream of working at either UCSF, LPCH/Stanford, or Oakland Childrens. Which program would be a better choice given these preferences?

    Did you complete an ICU residency right after school?

    How difficult was it to get books? Were books expensive?

    What should I keep in mind going through the decision/admission process?

    Thank you very, very much for your time and effort!

    I appreciate ANY and ALL information!