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    Can one of you tell me when the orientation is? I was offered a last minute seat for August 2012 and deferred to January 2013. I am assuming I'll get information about it but would rather just know now.

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    My application and documents were submitted on time. I have emailed and called and noone is getting back to me. One assistant responded to an email and said they received my application but it's closed and full and they've set up an application for me starting in September 2013. I was waitlisted for August 2012 and was not offered a seat but was told I could reapply for January 2013. Noone will explain to me why my application for January is not being considered. Has this happened to anyone else? I am quite upset and frustrated.

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    i received an email today in my BCIT email, advising winter 2013 is full and closed and they are not accepting any applicants at all. i am assuming they had enough from august 2012 and filled it immediately? i have an application opened for spring/summer 2013 under my communication, but i was under the impression, they only have a fall and winter intake. did anyone else receive this email? what does that mean?

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    hey everyone! just wondering if you know who we can call to ask some questions regarding our application. i have been waitlisted for august but wanted to speak to an advisor regarding some courses and a few other things about the program etc. i tried calling the academic advising line and the woman told me she was an advisor but knew nothing about my file (she wouldn't talk to me) and i would need to speak to a nursing coordinator and they were only available by their email address. i don't understand that? i know a few of you have talked to someone.. anyone know who i can contact?

    also does anyone know for sure if you are offered a seat for august, whether or not you can defer to january 2013?


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    Congratulations to all of you that got in. This has been the most agonizing experience! @Lucybird, I've also been waitlisted and unfortunately, it does not guarantee acceptance for January 2013. In the cover letter we received when we were shortlisted, as well as a letter you should have received from them shortly after your status was changed to "Waitlisted", it states if you are not offered a seat for August by July 15th, you start at square one and have to reapply for January 2013. Hang in there.