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    In LTC I have 39 and usually at least 2 cna's but i also have a question. Does anyone know the legal limit as far as nurse pt ratio in ltc and also we have mandatory overtime. Any ideas on where i can find the laws on this one?

    Quote from michelle126
    What is a g tube nurse? Is that all she does?

    On 11-7 I have 48 residents...5 or 6 tubes and at least 12 diabetics. This is with 2 Cnas.

    On 3-11 I have 4 tubes, 7 diabetics, 3-4 cnas. 26 residents (LPN has 22) Meds, tx, orders, etc...charge.

    LTC is never learn every day.

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    I took my NCLEX last october. Most of the questions for me seemed to be on triage, who do you see first. Very few pharm, and those were basic. Use your study guides but try not to stress out, I stressed out way too much. Test was not half as bad as my imagination. Good luck