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    Got my results and I didn't pass. I think when I studied for the science portion I studied too much. The book I bought was too much information. Does anyone know a good book to study from for the PSB science?

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    Quote from melisk1226
    so here is some food for thought...i took mercy on the 14th, and then shadyside on the 21st. same exact test. got my mercy tests results in the mail on tuesday, and i BOMBED them. terrible terrible terrible. i was horrified. of course i assumed shadyside would be about the same and to start thinking of other avenues. well. i got a message wednesday from shadyside that my results were in and i did great and to get my application going. i got the results in the mail today and somehow score 50% higher on math and 60% higher on verbal. no joke. i don't know what happened or how, but at least i passed one!!
    Congrats!!! I took St Margaret's on the 24th waiting for results. I'm nervous but keeping hope alive. I've been trying to get in a program for a while now. Finally, get to go during the day since there is a strong possibility I will be furloughed from work. I pray I can get in there starting in June.

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    I took my test then too. I also have been researching about the test. I had to retest in the science. There were 90 questions and 30 minutes. I know I answered 70 of them for sure possibly more. I'm hoping I pass.