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    Quote from daisy36
    I received a job offer in december through email by the nicu manager but they said it'll take time because they're awaiting to get approval of additional positions to the job, theyre still going through the process but it's so difficult just waiting to hear back i was wondering if you're on the same boat.If I hear back from them then I will be looking for a place in sd too
    Daisy I'm in the same boat. It kinda worries me since Feb 5th is coming up soon..

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    My advice to everyone taking the NCLEX and using Kaplan..

    Make sure you complete EVERYTHING before you take the test (Question trainer, Qbank, etc.) and know the rationale of the questions you got wrong and you'll do great!

    I averaged a 57% when I completed it all and I still passed! I just made sure I knew the subjects that Kaplan focused on and understood why I got questions wrong.

    Good luck everyone! And I hope that helps!

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    Does anyone know how many nurses they interviewed for the position? Thanks everyone!

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    Hi allnurses,

    I stumbled upon this staff agency Med-Call and was wondering if anyone has worked for them, how their experience was, etc.


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    Hi Miss_TT,

    How long did it take you exactly? I had a phone interview with them and I wanted to know how long I should wait because I really want to work at CHOA but another hospital is interested in me. Thanks!

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    BbaileyRN, are there any details on the person from Facebook that got called back? Like if she had experience, preceptorship there, etc. (I don't have a Facebook) thanks!

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    Thanks Joanna73! I sent her an email today(I didn't want to last week since I had already left her two voice mails) and within a minute,(I kid you not!) she emailed me back stating:

    "I have received your voicemails and was going to call this afternoon to set up a time for a phone interview. Would you be available to speak tomorrow, October 23, 2012 at either 1pm or 2pm?"

    YES! FINALLY GOT A HOLD OF HER! I suppose she prefers email??? I mean I guess its less disruptive and since there's a time difference between us (Pacific Standard Time vs. Eastern Standard Time), I'm sure she didn't want to waste her time calling me again. You're right lockheart678, its not always a blow off!

    Thanks everyone for helping me! I probably would have lost this opportunity without you and your great input!!

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    Thanks Citynights89! Me too.. I called again today but didn't leave a message. It's only been ringing twice when I've been calling. Maybe she's on vacay?? Hope so! Well the weekend is coming up so gotta wait till Monday! Thanks again for all the support guys!

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    Yes!!! Such good points!! Thanks RNRAC and Meriwhen!

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    Thank you for all the responses!!! and to tnbutterfly for moving it to the correct area haha woops!

    I feel so much better and optimistic! Thank you allnurses family for all the support you've given me!! I will definitely take your advice! I've been trying to search online for her email but haven't found any luck. I called the hospital but they've told me that they can't give her email over the phone. I've found other employees emails though so I think I will try and guess what it is using the same format (it has worked in the past!). Thank you RN12PTL! Great idea! I will definitely try calling HR and then ask to be connected to her! Thank you to Meriwhen also! You've responded to so many of my posts! I really appreciate it!! I appreciate you all!!

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    Sorry.. I definitely posted this in the wrong area . I'm so anxious I can't even focus!

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    I finally got my big break as a new grad and got my first wonderful call from a recruiter. I was volunteering at the time that she called so I could not pick up the phone. I called her back 2 hours later and I got her message system so I left a message. A day passed and no call back. I decided to call her again this morning, but got her message system once

    I'm freaking out!! This is my first big break after over 200 applications and I don't want this to slip away! What would the best thing for me to do????? Please help!

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    I applied to a few new graduate positions and my status currently states "Lead" for all four positions. Very vague. Anybody have any idea what this means? "Lead" seems positive right?

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    Not-done-yet, thank you so much for telling me about Medical City! I applied! Hopefully they will like me

    Meriwhen, yes, I wish I didn't spend the last couple of month ONLY looking for jobs because it ended up just wasting my time! I'm fixing that now though.. I will definitely keep in mind not to look so desperate and truly showcase what I have to offer. Even if they are planning to hire anybody or not, I am just gonna give them my all and do my best simply because I love being a nurse , regardless if I'm going to get hired, paid, etc.

    Dbassi, great point! I will get great practice for interviewing for new graduate positions! Goodluck on your job search! We can do this!

    WanderingSagehen, thank you so much for your comment. You bring up a great point. I admire your compassion. It's not that I am discriminatory towards taking a job in a SNF or LTC, but my resume targets more towards pediatrics. I sort of feel like they'll read my resume and laugh thinking I'm in the wrong place haha (of course they won't REALLY laugh though). I am truly debating staying in California and taking a SNF/LTC job or going out of state and taking a Peds/NICU job in a hospital. Believe me though, I love the elderly and they definitely hold a place in my heart. Lullaby also brought up a good point of landing a hospital job in the future after working at an LTC. In this economy as a new grad, I would just want to ideally keep all my options for the future open, in case anything were to happen. I know my family wants me to stay here in California, so your comment really has me thinking... Thank you!

    Mrs.NICUNurse, YAY! Thank you so much for your insight! I will definitely look into those hospitals! So exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'll definitely look into those hospitals. Thank you so much for all your help!!