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    I am a new nurse and just got hired on as a Charge nurse at a LTC facility. I only had about 4 days of training but I got enough out of it to get the just of what my responsibilities are. My question is do you guys have any good advice on being a good supervisor and leader for my team? On a given shift I usually have 3 LPNs and 6 CNAs. I'm working pool here so I don't have a set schedule and so my LPNs and CNAs are different often. Thanks.

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    Hello my name is Ashley

    Currently I am a substitute school nurse, working on my BSN. I need some ideas of how we use evidence based practice in the school nurse setting for a paper I need to write. I came up with a couple of things such as:
    - wound care
    - not using hydrogen peroxide to clean wounds
    - Having kids use their inhalers 2 hour prior to PE
    - Having kids stay home 24 hrs when they have thrown up.
    - hand washing

    I just need a little help brainstorming some more ideas. Thanks, hope everyone is having a great day

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    Hi guys I recently graduated from nursing school with my RN. I'm looking into schools here is AZ and there are so many choices when it comes to going back to school for my BSN. So far I'm most interested in Grand Canyon University and Northern Arizona university. Does anyone have experience with either of these schools online BSN programs? Thanks bunches.

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    I'm a new nurse and just been pondering if its safe to use these new LED pen lights to check pt.'s pupils. I am finding more and more of the penlight/ mini flashlights are LED now. What's your guys take on this? Has anyone seen any evidence based practice on this kind of thing?

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    If the pt. is still having pain it's your priority to get it to 0.

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    This is my first Thanksgiving in 20 years. How does this all go again? Show me the turkey!

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    I am a new grad nurse. I just got my first job. I had very little training and was thrown into running a "hospice"unit by myself with a CNA. I say "hospice" cause very little of our pt.s are true hospice. It seem like this place is a dumping ground for all sorts of pt.s especially behavioral Heath placement. My first day I was given 6 patients. Now I just worked last night and they had me managing care for 8. I don't feel comfortable with this and I am not able to give my patients the care they all deserved being spread so thin. Along with being a new grad and having a limited knowledge base. I have voiced these concerns to management there and they just kinda tell me you will be just fine and brush it off like no big deal. Iv only worked at this place for a month and I am really starting to see its a unsafe place to be working . Can you guys please give me some advice on what to do? What do you consider a safe nurse to patient ratio? Thanks

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    I'm a new grad just graduated in May. I wanted to get some advice on what is the best company to go through that provides us with this insurance. I have looked into NSO. It all sounds good, but before I sign up for anything I wanted to see, what you more experienced nurses out there recommend? What have you found to be the best company to buy this insurance through? Thanks

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    Uggh... Another hairy chestitis. Time for my coffee break