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    Hello sister nurses! I am an RN with a job interview with Oxford tomorrow. I am having trouble finding information about the benefits with this award winning Hospice. I would be leaving the school system, which is heavy with benefits, but lower pay scale. God Bless!

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    Cream and Sugar, I wish all my student's parents were like you!!!

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    I think it is so funny how some of us, as nurses, are so quick to diagnose ourselves with the worst case scenerios! I have done this so many times, and I think we just have too much information!!! I am laughing so hard and am glad I am not the only one!!

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    In our school district, I am responsible for taking care of our approximately 80 staff members in addition to the students (700). I am glad to help them, as it gives me a chance for some health care teaching and also a chance for comeraderie. I do keep documentation of their visit, and ALWAYS end it by stating, "you may need to check with your physician."

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    I am in Missouri, and we have the Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education manual for managing school health! Does your state have such? You might contact your Association of School Nursing and ask. This manual has so much wonderful information for you! On the subject of head injury, we have changed our protocol. ANY and ALL head injuries are taken seriously enough to contact the parent and send a letter home with symptom list. NOW we do a checklist put out by the CDC. You can get the free materials to assist with concussion assessment for free from : If the student has one of more signs of concussion on this list, they should be referred. I have found 3 concussions using this tool, that if I went by the normal school assessment, the student would not have been referred to the urgent care of ER. You can use this tool even if the student was hurt at home or elswhere at a previous time. I think you will love this checklist, as I do, and won't be without it for assessing head injury!

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    I just don't understand someone taking the NCLEX over and over. Maybe I am wrong, but I would not want a nurse taking care of me if they had to do this. I took my NCLEX the morning after the Joplin tornado, not knowing if my parents and family were ok. Circumstances were such that I had to go ahead and test. Talk about shaking and crying during the whole time. Passed after the 75th question!

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    I laughed and laughed at your post. And I needed that today!!!! Thanks!

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    I love my school nursing job! Yes, I never know what is going to walk through the door whether it be a wound requiring a band aid, a severe head injury, a broken bone, or just a need to talk. That barely touches what walks through my door on any given day.
    I have worked LTC, Hospice and Psych, but this job rocks! Sometimes it gets really hard when I see some of the homes my patients come from and I just cannot help them. But I can pray for them. School nursing is not like it was years ago, because our society has become so much more complicated, which leads to more health complications. I hope to retire from this job, because I could not be happier! Hats off to all you other school nurses out there. We are sisters!!

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    Many of my RN courses were correspondence and online!! Keep your chin up and keep going! Nothing wrong with what you are doing and I so applaud your not giving up!!!!!!

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    Hey Hygiene Queen, I love your attitude!!! When I was 18 years old, living in Alabama, and visiting California, I could not believe how I was made fun of. Just because of my thick Southern accent, many made fun of me and thought me stupid. I always knew I was smart, and proved it by graduating nursing school in my 50's with a 3.8 grade point average!!!! I love to hear different people talk! Our differences make the world go around. Who am I to judge the intelligence of someone not speaking like me?

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    Hi Jennifer27,
    CPNE is really really difficult to pass, so many many kudos to nursemami4. I took my CPNE in Madison Wisconsin over 2 yrs ago and passed. Only 2 passed, so here is my recommendation, for whatever it is worth to you. I would highly recommend Sheri Taylor's and ONLY her workshop in Atlanta. It is the best and I went to one other. She has an extremely high pass rate!!!!!!!! The online workshop is great to prepare before you get to Atlanta. I prepared for 2 months before taking the CPNE and I set up a patient's room like on Rob's video (utube). I also set up a lab in my home and practiced every single day!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember the "grid". Always go by the "grid", as I know I could not have passed without one and everyone at my CPNE who did not have a grid, failed the weekend!! I hope I have helped you and not discouraged you!!! It is hard but you can succeed with preparation!!

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    I owned an RCF for almost 20 years and all the medications your have mentioned were counted each shift and doubled locked. We had no problems.

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    Today is Tuesday, your dad's funeral day. I just finished reading your post and cannot stop crying. My parents are both living and in their 80's, so I know what is to follow as time goes on. As I sit here typing this, I want you to know someone is praying right now for your family today, as you face the funeral and all that goes with it. I am an RN, but my husband, and all his brothers are funeral directors, so I know what families go through. What a wonderful talented man your dad must have been, because I can see it in your post. He has left a great legacy through his family and through his life's end gifts to others. God bless you and comfort you today, sweet sister nurse. Life is so hard, but God is good!

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    You are very sarcastically funny!!!!!! Why don't you try school nursing? I am closing in on 60 and know I cannot run around and do floor nursing anymore. I was in nursing management in residential care many years and also Hospice. I love these junior high kids and look forward to going to work every single day. One catch. In my district, it is a lot of work for really terrible pay, as far as nursing pay goes. BUT, I will have teachers type retirement after 5 years. I have good health insurance and I only work 9 months. I spread my pay over 12 months. It is a wonderful job and I hope you give it some thought!

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    I would use that earring oppertunity to make that child feel special and loved! Such a little thing!