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    Hi ninamosaedi!

    After applying for two years in Oregon, I started applying out of state. I was accepted into an accelerated BSN program in Tennessee and I started last August!

    I was actually accepted to every out of state school I applied to. I know not everyone has that opportunity, but I am happy with my choice. I just couldn't wait any longer! I hope you get in to Linfield! That was always my dream school

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    Yayyyyyyy CONGRATS Pdxhopeful!!

    Do you mind posting your GPA/experience so I know what I'm up against?

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    Thanks so much TN....and congrats!!

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    I don't know if anyone still checks in here, or if everyone is busy with applications and classes, but I figured there must be someone else feeling this way!

    I just found out I got a 72/98 (my professor curves tests) on my first A&P 233 test. This completely threw me through a loop. The class average was 73, so I don't fee TOO stupid, but I am now majorly bumming as it sinks in. I got a 'B' in 231 and an 'A' in 232, but now my hopes of an A in 233 are dashed. So far I have three B's in my pre-reqs and was denied by Linfield this past app cycle.

    I just feel hopeless. It's taken me forever to get to this point (my last term of pre-reqs) and my grades simply aren't "good enough" for Oregon schools, I am afraid.

    So, I'm wondering how many times you all have applied and been denied (or accepted!)? I plan to apply to PCC, CCC, and MHCC in December, but I pretty much know now what the outcome will be. I won't try Linfield again until next summer, and OHSU is out with the $120 application fee.

    Sorry for the rant..I'm just feeling really sad and feel like nobody I know understands

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    Congrats pdxjenn!! That's great!

    I'm torn whether or not to finish my bachelors just to be able to apply for an accelerated program, or retake some pre-reqs and pray I get A's.

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    Quote from 2Lively
    On FB it says "If you have a bachelor's degree and plan to apply for Summer 2013, all 56 available positions will be filled by our applicants." And if you read the thread on that post it says "The summer start (accelerated program for people with bachelors) will still be filled by new applicants this next application cycle. (56 seats)"

    Did I mis-interpret this? I read it as if you have bachelors degree then you can apply.
    It kind of confusing, but I understand it as if you have a Bachelors, you can START in summer (June 1). The "56 seats filled by our applicants" means that they accept the students with Bachelors by application ONLY. Whereas with the fall cycle, it is already filled with transfer students from the McMinnville campus.

    Does that make sense? I think Linfield has two application cycles: June-July for a start in Febuary, November-February for a start in June (if you have a Bachelors) or a start in August (if you do not.)

    It's kind of confusing to type, but I think you're okay. All I know is, is that I will not be applying this fall because I do not want to waste money on *maybe* getting on a waiting list. I plan to apply again in June to hopefully start February 2014.

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    Aww, it still kinda stings, though! Wait, why can't you apply next summer? I don't have my Bachelors yet either..
    I'm trying to decide if I should finish it and apply again, or just retake my "B" classes.

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    It's okay, I know what I have to do for next time. And today I need to finish this chapter on the respiratory system!

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    Just got my letter. Denied. I figured as much, at least now I know. Time to prep for next year. Congrats again gkash, wish I was joining you! Come back to let us know how it's going

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    Shouldn't you get more points at the CC's if you work as an RT? I think you can max out at 6 points if you have over 400 hours. I know that's the case for CNA's and EMT's. I would be shocked if RT didn't qualify!
    I'm a diet aide. So basically a glorified waitress I've been debating getting my CNA or EMT basic just to get more points..but it seems like such an expensive way to go about it. Then again, I'll end up shelling out $800 or so to retake my B's.
    I definitely feel trapped and like I'm going nowhere. Just gotta keep chugging along, I guess

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    Quote from pdxjenn
    I live in NW Portland, ironically across the street from the main postal office.
    Haha oh no! That's so weird. I feel better, though! Tomorrow

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    Quote from 2Lively
    I'm near Corvallis and I didn't get a letter either.

    Sartorius1-have you applied at other schools besides Linfield? I'm debating doing a bridge program but I'm worried about the lack of clinical time. Do you work in health care now?
    This is my first time applying anywhere. I'm actually finishing my pre-reqs this term (A&P 233 and Bio 207). I think in December I'm going to apply to PCC and MHCC. Probably not Linfield because they are only accepting spots for the waitlist, and I'd like to save some money because I'm going abroad in January. Linfield is my #1, but at this point I just want to get in.
    I've worked in a hospital for four years! Unfortunately I'm not a CNA so I only get like 2 points for my OCNE apps

    Have you looked at UP?

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    Yayayy gkash congrats!!!!!

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    Double post hehe

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    That's nuts! What part of Portland are you in? I'm in NE. It must take mail forever to circulate in town?