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  • May 3 '12

    I'm a career changer and have a previous degree with a terrible 2.7 GPA. I have been taking all of my pre-reqs for over two years while working at a full-time job during the day. I maintained a 4.0 in all of my pre-reqs, which is great and all, but that still only raised my cumulative to a still-low 2.99. It didn't even meet the cutoff for most programs.
    Gosh, Unicorn, sheesh, where is the encouragement part????
    Well, I just found out that I got into an accelerated BSN program for fall!!!
    And I want all of you who are working on pre-reqs to understand that there IS an eventual end in sight, even though sometimes it doesn't feel like it. And for those of you with lower GPAs, your dreams can still become a reality! Keep on working toward your goals. You can do it-I did it, despite the odds stacked against me. Keep on working hard and doing your best in your pre-reqs if you can. That was the deciding factor on my acceptance, because I was able to show I am focused and committed compared to my past academics.
    I know how hard it is to work and do night classess at a CC, all the while juggling all of your other priorities (family, etc.), always wondering if you will ever get into a program at the end of all this hard work, wondering if you're making the right decision in the first place, wondering how you will afford to make this leap into nursing, wondering if you'll get a job after you graduate.
    I just want to encourage all of you still working on pre-reqs to keep your goals in mind and keep on working your toward your dreams. Don't compromise on what you want for your life.
    But above all else, remember when you are overwhelmed that all of your it's not all piled on top of you, but rather, your future is laid out in front of you, you'll deal with and accomplish each step as you come to it, and after taking all of those steps, YOU WILL ARRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Apr 20 '12

    This is funny, yet sadly true. When I was in school, people would mention the 5+ local schools they applied too. I figured if I didn't get in I'd go work in the circus.