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    Quote from lanilou
    my best friend is presently working in a hospital wherein his colleague has been pursuing her for almost a year now. he steal kisses, hugs her when she busy with her job, calls her at home, etc. these things have really affected her performance. sometimes, she takes absences just to avoid him. she told him already that she is happily married back home in philippines and still, he wouldnt listen. he simply told her, i can do what i want to do. she reported this to her boss but was advised that this is a personal issue. what else can she do in this situation? she is having second thoughts of renewing her contract with the hospital shes working now because of this. is there a law which gives protection to people like her? yup, she is cute and brilliant.
    Sexual Harrassment in the work place is covered by your Sexual Harrassment policy at your Hospital. She has to clearly tell him no regarding his behavior. Sound like she has already. Get a copy of the policy. Unwanted phone calls at home should be reported to the police. He may have a record of this behavior in the past.

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    Before you quit, you need to address the hostile work environment to your immediate supervisor. Documented hostile environments can be a burden on a supervisor that receives the report as they are required to respond, at least an appraisal of your perception toward your work environment. If no action is taken, or dismissed, and you can prove your claim, you should seek legal council. You may want to do so in advance, to make sure you are defining your environment correctly.

    Quote from PrisonrNurs
    I've been working in our ER for nearly a year, and in lieu of recent events, was prompted to open this thread. I am the only male nurse in, not just the ER but in the entire hospital. The nurses I work with are very good at what they do, save for one fault. THEY HATE MALES! Despite their "friendly" and helpful demeanor there has always been some underlying hostility towards me. Not only that, I tend to overhear comments like "They only hired him because he's a male nurse." and "Guess who's YOUR partner today?" Even though this is a male nursing forum, Marci, I hope you are reading this.

    One of the nurses I used to work with (who I miss dearly) suggested I try to "kill them with kindness." It didn't work. I brought homemade cheesecake. They ate it like hyenas at a slaughter, but not a single thank you from any of them.

    OK here's my question: How do I attempt to solve this problem, without quitting my job (which I do love) without having to resort to murder? Has anyone run across this problem? How did you deal with it?

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    I haven't heard any of the economic reasons for the dispute on either side of the arguement. Once dues are collected for unions to negotiate on your behalf, you have no control over the where the money goes and what agenda it promotes and who it hires to achieve its political goals. Patient care will not be a high priority, just a means to financial support for the power brokers.