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    Hello everyone, I recently graduated from school with a BA in History. After a few months of job searching and being offered pretty much minimum waged part-time jobs I decided to go back to school for nursing. I've always thought about doing nursing before but for the first time I am actually going to take action.

    I have no pre reqs done because I majored in History. The only science course I took was Microbiology and it did not have a lab.
    I managed to enroll in Basic Anatomy and Physiology at West LA College.

    I am hoping to apply to nursing schools after 1 or 2 semsters
    Is anyone in a similar position as me and know which school require little pre reqs to apply? I would really appreciate any advice!

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    Thanks everyone for their advise. Seems like everyone is suggesting I go the community college route. I have tried to get classes with no luck. I live in the west side of Los Angeles and my choices are SMC, El Co, and West LA, these are apparently all the most popular schools and classes seem to fill up almost immediately after opening. I will keep trying.

    Are there schools in LA that accept college graduates who are looking to pursue their second BA in nursing with no pre reqs. That would be ideal. Thanks again for the advice. I guess going to a further community college for classes is worth the try too

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    Hello everyone, I visited West Coast University today to get information about the RN program.
    I recently graduated from UCLA with a History degree. I had a high GPA but still can't find a job which is why I have turned towards to the nursing field. I do not have any science pre reqs completed but I do have Pscyhology, Sociology, Communications, English I and II, etc. done. With that said, the estimated price for BSN at WCU will be about 100k. I would have to take loans from the government and a private lender.

    I was hoping someone with knowledge can tell me what options I should explore before entering WCU. I have tried to do the community college route but seriously cannot get any of the classes that I need.

    I was hoping BA would give me an edge but 100k is still a very intimidating price. What are my options? Thanks in advanced.

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    Hey guys I need advice from some experts. I am currently a student at UCLA. I didnt decide to do nursing until my last quarter which I am finishing in 3 weeks. I am currently taking Microbiology 6 which is probably the only science pre req I have under my belt. I have most of the humanities pre reqs done though (Sociology, Public Speaking, English 1 & 2, Psychology, Statistics etc)

    I was wondering if there are schools in California (specifically Los Angeles) that are not too strict when applying. I would love to be able to apply now. I know schools like West Coast University allow no pre reqs done before entry (for a steep price) but I was wondering if there were programs that fit my situation. I am a History major at UCLA (3.86 GPA and transferred from Santa Monica College so I have IGETC done. Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    bumping this old thread but I would like to know which nursing school accepts UCLA extension classes plus the MIMG6. Please respond! thank you!

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    thank you for your advice! i really do appreciate it

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    do you think it would be smart for me to stay at UCLA to take the pre reqs?
    I'm just fearful that it will ruin my GPA and if I am unable to take the nursing route grad school will be out of the question if my GPA is brought down

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    Hello everyone, I am new to this site. I thought I would register to get some suggestions about my current situation. I am currently a history major at UCLA. I have decided against law school because I've always wanted to become a nurse (don't ask me why I majored in History lol).

    Anyways, here is my situation. I have a pretty high GPA but absolutely zero pre-reqs for most BSN programs. According to the minimal amount of research I have done, a lot of BSN programs require pre-reqs (anatomy, biology, etc) but I have taken none of these courses.

    My question is... where do I start? Of course the fastest route is probably the best route for me right now. I would love to join a program that will allow me to get a second bachelor's in nursing but does not require pre-reqs for admissions. My goal is to become a registered nurse.

    Any type of recommendations and advice for schools and etc will greatly be appreciated.
    By the way, I live in California and have no intentions of moving. Thanks!