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    quote from chrisrn2012

    got my letter today!!!!!! will be attending ivy tech columbus asn program...... good luck to all others!!!
    awesome...congrats!!!! i had no idea the lettes would start arriving so soon. i hope east central region is as quick!!!!

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    Quote from Mama_Cashew
    Not really, but I would love to learn more! I don't plan on moving from Indiana ever so agreeing to two years here would be no big deal. Wonder where to go to find information out about it.
    SSACI: Nursing Scholarship This is the website I found where you can apply. Sounds like a good idea. I need to talk to financial aid about it first and see if there are any drawbacks to it.

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    I wish I could have applied for the RN program but one year off of work is all I can manage at this time. I hope to then start work as an LPN and whatever facility I work for can hopefully help financially with the RN transistion program. I hope I can get a decent school loan to cover my childcare costs.

    Do you know anything about the State of Indiana scholarship that pays 5000.00 if you agree to work in Indiana for 2 years after you graduate?

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    I wish I would have made a copy of my application packet. The more I think about it the more I think I forgot something. I just wish those letters would get here! I know they send the ASN letters around May 31st...but when do they send the PN letters? PN is the only one I applied to with a total score of 180.2.

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    Hi all! I am applying to the Anderson / Muncie campus for the LPN peogram only. I didn't have time to take math 136 yet. I am hoping to transition to RN right after. Now the waiting game begins!