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  • Oct 25 '12

    YAY! I'm accepted too! Congratulations all around!
    So...have any of you started on the "To Do List" yet?
    Does anyone want to start/join a facebook group so we can get acquainted, share info., etc.?

    Are you thrilled to start on this new path??!!!!! Or is it just me!?

  • Oct 25 '12

    I just got my letter!!! Wooohoooo! I'm in! Super excited!

  • Oct 25 '12

    Congratulations to everyone. I look forward to meeting you all on the 9th!

  • Oct 25 '12

    I received my letter yesterday and I was accepted!!!! I am very excited to begin this journey and can't wait to meet you all for the orientation November 9th.

  • Oct 25 '12

    Yay! Congrats, TxPatients!
    I haven't heard anything yet. My fingers are crossed.


  • Oct 25 '12

    Sorry I am a little late posting!! But I received my acceptance letter yesterday!!!!

  • Oct 25 '12

    woohoo!! Just got my acceptance letter in the mail!!

  • Oct 9 '12

    Hi! I applied for Spring 2013 too. Waiting and waiting and waiting. I called the Nursing Dept last week, and was told that the letters will be sent from Admissions towards the END OF OCTOBER or beginning of November.
    So, I guess it's more waiting for all of us.
    Well, it's back to more studying (A&P II) for me!
    I'll post back as soon as I hear anything!
    Good luck to you all.

  • Oct 8 '12

    Just some information: The letters come certified mail therfore must be signed. I have a friend who got in for the fall semester and she let me know. I am hoping we here by the end of this month!!

    Lets share some background, I posted mine earlier!

  • May 23 '12

    Quote from love_myfamily
    Hi Everyone!
    I was wondering if anyone can please tell me how much chemistry is on the TEAS? I have the ATI study guide but am curious to know if the information they provide in the book is enough for the exam or if I should look for other supplementary study guides?
    Thank you for your help!!
    If I were you, I'd gte other books besides just the ATI. Not that that book isn't helpful; it is, but you should try getting the McGraw Hill Nursing Entrance Exam study book. I have the whole PDF if you would like. I can email it to you. It has 433 pages, but it's worth it. I read every single page--you'd be shocked on how quick you can go thorugh the pages. If you're the type who takes your time to study, and you study that PDF with ATI, you should be okay.

    As far as the sceince/chemistry portion--to be honest, science is SO extremely random. Ridiculously random. At the end of the test, they will give you a remediation paper. It will tell you which sections you go wrong. For instance say there was a question on the test about punnet squares and it asked you something like--If a Heterozygous and a Homozygous mated, what would the offspring have--and you answered it wrong, that paper will tell you that you have to go back and read up on Punnet Squares and it;ll tell you the page number in the ATI manual. You'd think it's helpful, but like I said the test is SO RANDOM. SO it will have a question about one of the topics covered in ATI, except SO MUCH MORE IN DEPTH. The ATI wouldn't cover half of what they asked in one question, you know? So even if you seen the question you got wrong [which you won't] and went back to the page number it says to turn to, you still wouldn't find the answer. Some tests are more skewed towwards CHEM, others aren't. Mine didn't have many questions about chem, and if it did it was very basic.

    So I suggest getting the McGraw Hill. Maybe your Library has it.

  • Apr 20 '12

    Tx,I never meant to imply any such thing & I apologize (profusely) if you took it that way! We've all found our way into nursing from different places & each is equally valid.

    I was devastated by my rejection from Wellesley as an undergrad & felt it was ludicrous considering my qualifications, so I truly understand. I completely envy your prior career & healthcare experience, which are very impressive. I had to leave grad school before finishing my MFS & PhD, which is one of my biggest professional regrets. I loved my research & have vowed to continue it (in some form) when I am ready to pursue another advanced degree.

    So, be very proud of what you've accomplished so far & knock 'em dead at your new school!

  • Apr 19 '12

    I am very sorry, Tx.

    But keep your head up & apply again next term. The NoVa/DC/MD area has a lot of good schools offering second-degree BSN programs & I'm sure you will find a match. Some I looked at were Shenandoah University, GWU, Trinity Washington & Chamberlain.

    SU has rolling admissions (you can still apply for fall 2012). I think Chamberlain has classes starting every term (including summer 2012 & fall 2012) & when I visited, they seemed like a good "back up plan" if my first choices fell through.

    I hope to definitely see you around! Feel free to PM me & keep in touch.

  • Apr 13 '12

    Yes, for 2012. I live about 15 minutes away from MU, but will probably be taking the Metro & shuttle bus from the Ballston station to commute, since the tour guide during my campus visit stressed how on-campus parking was at a premium.I'm sure you'll get in, TX, but I have total sympathy with your nerves. My application was really strong, but I was convinced I would be rejected. I had to turn down an acceptance offer from another ABSN program (in my home state of Ohio) two years ago, due to my pregnancy & was worried I had created horrible academic karma, lol.

  • Apr 12 '12

    Hi Meswaa,

    I just got accepted to Marymount for the fall 2012 cohort, and I was just wondering if you are living on or off campus? Also, how do you like the professors in your program? Do you feel like you are getting a lot of experience in the specialty that interests you? I am still waiting to hear from a couple schools and just wanted to hear what someone who goes to Marymount thinks about the experience there

  • Apr 12 '12

    Hi TxPatients. Just like Tabby_Cat, I received a packet filled with info. The envelope was 8 1/2 x 11 sized and had the words "You're in!" printed on the outside. After receiving the packet you have to respond to the Dean via email and return your intent to enroll with a $100 deposit. Since sending the form back I haven't heard anything else from the school with regard to schedules, orientation, etc. I am anxiously awaiting more info! I feel your pain, as it was about 2 years in the making for me too. I have been taking prerequisites without any guarantee of getting in to a school. It was definitely a relief to get my acceptance. I wish you the best of luck and maybe we'll be in school together in the Fall!!!