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    I work in a LTCSNF and we have our share of skin tears. We have been in quite a debate lately over what Tx is best to use. I love Opsites and have found great success with them but many of the nurses I work with including my DON remain stubborn and uneducated as to the science behind good wound healing. I have tried to educate them and our skin policy states to use opsites but they still want to use steri strips and bacitracin with a dcd to cover. They think that the brown gooey stuff under the opsite is bad and I have told them time and time again that this may look bad but it is really very good for the wound. I have told them to leave it in place for at least 3 days before changing but they refuse to listen. Does anyone know where I can find a healing comparisson study to show people the science and shut them up. thanx BIG T