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    Im sorry i should also add that the nurse did all of her own assessments and i did mine and we discusses our findings together, we set the goals for the day for the patient and i would encourage the pt to meet those goals, then report back to the nurse all the interventions i was doing with each pt. if there were meds to give we gave them amd discussed them together and any skills needing done i did with her assistance. From the sounds of it i should be, and i am, very lucky and thankful to be having such a great clinical experience!

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    I am also a student nurse and have been given a nurses entire load as a last semester student. By entire load i mean 3-4 patients. I did rather well with this because the nurse and i had great communication and worked together to plan the day. This post is not meant to be degrading to student nurses or nurses. I just want a nurses perspective on how they deal with students... Al of my clinical experiences have been wonderful and i have enjoyed and thanked all the nurses that take on the extra work that a student causes them. I do think though that good communication skills are the key to having a good clinical experience.

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    How do you feel about working with a student nurse? How comfortable are you with the student nurse basically taking over your patients and paper work while you observe? If you are not comfortable with the student taking your patient load what do you like your student nurse to do while assigned to you and your patients.

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    I am a nursing student starting my preceptorship doing graveyard 7pm to 7am. When I am start my first night shift should I stay up all night the night before and sleep that day then go to work that night? or should I take sleep the night before and take a nap the day of my first shift? Also what do you do when you work a night shift then have a day off then work another night shift? what are your sleeping habits when this happens?