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    Quote from zamrn
    I have been accepted into the Spring 2013 day program. I am happy and scared! I was hoping to get a reading list to enable me to get a head start since I went to school outside of America. I am so happy to read all your posts -- they help me stay focused and get a good idea of how nursing school will be.

    Thank you for helping freshers like me get acquainted with the program and school.
    Congrats zamrn....i will private message you in a bit!

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    Quote from Katie2bRN23
    Thanks Tortiz, I couldnt take it anymore and I emailed Mary and asked nicely where I am in line to get into the evening program... I am actually #1 in line.. Sooooo... I feel relieved that I really did nothing wrong to prevent me from gettting in. Here is to keeping my fingers crossed, but also to just being proud that I did my best and it didn't go un noticed.. Pretty pathetic when my 14 and 11 year old daughters were comforting me through my tears that night.. Send good vibes my way and hopefully we will meet soon

    i am sure there will be a spot open from now til the start of nxt semester! many times students apply to different schools and get accepted into both and opt for their first choice which might not be jjc if they get accepted into a 4 yr university! good luck!

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    Quote from Katie2bRN23
    Anyone that got into the evening program mind sharing your scores? I need to find some solace as to why I was not good enough.. its eating me alive
    hi katie, sorry to hear you didnt get in. your scores are up there. dont forget the average is over all of all accepting applicants.
    i will tell you tho, not having those two classes completed plays a big part. especially if they are the science ones because they count towards most of the "acceptance points" in the classes completed section . i am more than 100% positive that you will get in once u complete those courses. and dont forget there is also a limited amount of seats and if u opted for evening only then thats another factor. i advise to chose " prefer evening but can do nights" to get a better opportunity . the nxt application is February. not too far from now. i know how u feel to not be accepted. and do not think that ur too old (if i read that correctly) because there are plenty of older students in the program and they still have a good 20yrs of practice after graduation.
    dont get discouraged. keep at it and try again.

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    hello again
    first off congrats to those who got in. please don't take it for granted. it is hard enough to get in and even harder to see how many other people didn't. as far as how the program goes. yea, its a lot of work and you must score 80% or above. is it doable YESSS. i think it comes down to how bad you want this! Obviously i am a 1st semester student so i sont know "everything" about the program but i do know that so far everyone has been pretty helpful. helpful is faaaaaaaar from easy so don't think it will be easy in any way unless you're been a nurse in your past life joking!
    i would like to emphasize tho that you need to get organized asap!!!!!! otherwise it will be a lot harder to do once you're in. please make sure your family/ friends/ babysitters or whoever you live with know that your going to need their help (if possible) having a great support system is great!!! if you don't, don't panic its doable. i see people who are doing it all!!
    2) STUDY GROUP!!! get in one asap!
    3) red ahead!!!!! you will get ur reading list before class starts. look at allllllllll the files they upload on icampus! read them all. they will refer back to the syllabus and policy book.

    for those who didn't make it. a big believer of things happen for a reason. i didn't get in til my 3rd time. and i believe i would have failed out had i made it either of the 2 other times. i went in with a good mind set this 3rd time and now I'm in. i believe that i was put in the clinical group that i am in because we were met to cross paths. i was meant to get in for this semester.....dont bum yourself out too much. at least you know what the teas looks like. start studying now. go bk on ati and printout ur score and look at what u lack nd work on it. study from the teas test practice books. it is a little hard to study for a test that u have no idea what's on it but at least look over the practice books. they were made for the test!! i did it and got in

    new incoming students......nursing is alllll about critical thinking. start looking at some nclex books at the library to get a feel of the wordings....they don't mean to trick you..but its a skill as nurses that we need and it can be tricky....

    dont get behind!!!! read and look at PowerPoint BEFORE u know what the instructor is talking about and then u can ask questions..

    again congrats and good luck.
    remember this is a journey not a race
    you will hear this again in the near future
    message me anytime ( sometimes i forget to ck in but i look i ck it once on a while!)

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    I just want to add with last semesters "lowest acceptance score", there were a lot of applicants who declined their spot into the JJC program (due to acceptance into another Nursing Program, or other life events) so what the department did was go down the list and start calling people (in order of their "rank") until all spots were filled up. So those scores aren't much of a refection of how well the last class did.... Just wanted to let you guys know. Those who had a lower score and got an "acceptance call" were the lucky ones and their acceptance wasn't really based on their score but of open seats in the program - and from what I heard it was a rare occurance.

    Good Luck to you all!
    (JJC 1st semester student nurse)

    Along with the whole getting away from the "drama", if you are fortunate you will find life long friends within your groups - but there are always going to be people like that everywhere.
    I was fortunate enough to be paired up with the most awesome clinical group! We are organized, friendly, helpful, and drama-free. I can't say the same for all the groups though. We even formed a study group, and we collaborate AMAZINGLY!!

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    to be a traveling nurse, or if i plan to move to a different state in the future don't you need to be licensed in that state as well. is there a different test to take to be licensed in all of U.S?

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    i am a new nursing student and have heard of OR nurses of first assistant nurses in the OR. my question is how do I get there. I've read to look for a periop program. where can i find these programs. i live in the Chicago area.....advice please. any and all!!

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    i wouldn't go from RN to surgical tech. thats a waste of nursing school. there are OR nurses

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    The class schedule for the day program (on my schedule) are pretty much mon-friday between 7am and 1pm. my classes are pretty much from 8am to about 10/12. Lab Clinicals are scheduled from 7-1pm one day a week. I have one day free during the week because I already have my CNA. And I'm guessing if I didn't i wouldn't have that day free. One class is split up into theory and lab clinical. and each one is split up in two days

    Monday NURS 150 Theory 8-9:50
    Tuesday NURS 150 Clinical Topic 8am - ? not sure what time this class ends either 10 or 12
    Wednesday Clinical 7-1pm
    Thursday NO NURS CLASS
    Friday NURS 150 Theory 8-9:50

    They give you your schedule, you don't pick which class section/time. But they will all be during the day(for day program) or evening ( for night program). There is also an online class aside from these classes.
    Hope this helps.
    And good luck. make sure you're studying for that TEAS test.

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    What class are you taking at your local college , an OR course?

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    Quote from KareBear0609
    Congrats, raqi. I am still waiting for a letter. This wait is awful!
    I know what you mean...its the worse part :P hang in there and good luck!

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    Quote from RickyLatino87
    Congrats! I've also been looking for a CNA position. Do you know if they're still hiring? Which hospital?
    Its Provena in Joliet. They always have CNA jobs posted on their website...This was my 50th application and I have 2 years of CNA experience. I will take whatever they have to offer lol Its a CNA short stay registry position. Do you know what short stay registry means???

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    I wasn't even thinking about the celebration part. I just wanted to get in!
    AND I DID!!!
    I have yet to celebrate seeing how I am in Micro and Statistics right now. I'm waiting until the semester is over and enjoy my summer before I start my nursing classes in August! I can't wait tho. By the looks of it I'll probably be working all summer. I just got a call for an interview for a CNA hospital position! I've been waiting for this call! Everything is finally falling into place!....Oh Finally all the hard work is paying off!!

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    I've been accepted into the JJC Day Nursing Program for fall '12 ! I am so excited but also pretty nervous! I looked at the class plan out on JJC's website and seeing how I have all the non-nursing classes completed I have cut down my credits per semester and I'll even have my summers off! I really wish I could take those nursing classes in the summer and be done ALOT quicker!! lol
    Anyways I'm just trying to see who else has been accepted into the program !!

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    Pre reqs are not part of the nursing program itself. So those you can take part time but like Blue Cat said, talk to an advisor. If I were to do it all over again I would have done them full time and get them done fast in order to apply for the program sooner. I was just accepted for fall 2012 good luck