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    Hi all, I would like to apply for a government Psych nurse job. The problem is unsure how to address the KSA's, knowledge, skills and abilities? For instance one question asks..Ability to communicate both orally and in writing? How do I write this with psych nursing in mind? any help would be greatly appreciated..Denise//P.S the position is at ST Elizabeth's hospital in Washington DC. I found some examples online but the apply to disciplines outside of nursing.e.g prject manager..technical.Thanks

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    Hi I am a psych nurse with experience. I wanted to apply to saint elizabeths hospital but I dont know how to write the KSA's. For instance ; The ability to communicate both orally and in writing? How would I address this? most examples are dealing with industries outside of nursing..e.g project manager..Help

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    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I need to do a capstone project for my RN-BSN. I was thinking about a nurse mentoring program for new nurses or the RN hourly rounding to prevent patient injury. If someone can help me come up with questions/ and or picots for the above I will be greatful, Thanks Denise