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    Yeah.. Just regular pericare... One physician likes to use baby shampoo as the head emerges.

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    I've had some luck sending my resume directly to the unit managers and then following up with a phone call after a week. Good Luck!

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    Looking for wisdom regarding the following Labor and Delivery Units:

    Walnut Creek, Kaiser or John Muir

    San Ramon Regional

    I am moving this summer to Lafayette from Southern Cal. Please feel free to send me a PM with your experiences.

    I have worked in large and small facilities. I like to have some autonomy as a nurse and for my facility to back me up with well written/concise policies/procedures that mirror AWHONN standards and evidence based practice.

    Any other recommended facilities are appreciated.

    I prefer 12 hour shifts (nights)


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    Tell me about your unit! I am coming from a great hospital (250-300 births per month) that will be hard for me to leave and I am hoping that I can find a new group of nurses on night shift that work well together and are supportive of one another. Places I am looking to live include Alameda, North Berkeley, Claremont, Lafayette, El Sobrante Hills... at least until I can drive there at the end of March and narrow it down a little more.

    Thanks, Ladies!

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    I just have to say... so sick of seeing vacs at every delivery.
    hematomas, lesions... problems with breastfeeding oh and the lovely hyperbilirubinemia fallout.

    While I'm venting...the IV pain medication for repair- yeah, I want my mom to be gacked out for the "golden hour" - obviously, if it's a serious repair (read- 4th degree/rectal extension)... not having a problem with that but for little lacerations.

    Do you guys see a trend in power pitting, "OH noes!!! Baby's in distress!!!" Quick... get the vacuum....

    Wheeeeee.... make it home for dinner.

    Ok- lack of sleep doesn't do my grammar a lick of good.

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    Hey there

    I work in a small hospital that has no NICU... but if the baby can eat and breathe, we keep them- otherwise, we ship them! I am an RN and a *gasp* LC. I pride myself on not being a nazi.

    I find that fingerfeeding with a syringe is great when you have a very small amount of colostrum... say 5-8mls. I have had 4 lb babes that do well when feeding by this method. Putting it in a bottle seems like you lose half of your milk. Sometimes I have the mom just express her milk into a medicine cup then pop the top off of the syringe and pour it in- put my 5 fr. tube on and then when the baby sucks actively, I push in a titch with every 3rd suck or so.

    I think Nipple confusion is pretty over rated... but in the case where a mother has HUGE nipples or super flat nipples- I believe its better to get the kid acclimated to what the mother has. In most of the population.. this isn't an issue.

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    Most do go home, for a bit- but typically end up back in the hospital for infections of the drivelines, issues with coumadin etc. There have also been issues with pump failure where pts have needed new units or even new drivelines placed. Considering that these are machines we are placing in or connecting to people- there are bound to be complications that arise and need to be dealt with.

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    Johns Hopkins was 25 dollars and something cents when I started in July of 05.

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    Quote from ANN2WATER
    and theennnnnn............
    when you tire of the "rat race" on that side of the ditch (Chesapeake Bay, that is..)
    come to our side, the eastern shore...
    look me up. til then....
    learn lots, and enjoy.
    Ann, RN, eastern shore, Maryland

    OMG.. 9months into Nursing at JHH... Rat race is RIGHT!
    Tell me about the eastern shore

    Come to think of it.. Howard County anyone? I am thinking of casting my net into calmer waters.


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    The cardiac unit (28 beds) I work on takes care of anywheres from 4-6 vads at a time- usually a few of them are staying on the unit for months waiting for transplant- they become like family members to the staff. We work with thoratec and more recenlty heartmate and heartmate II VADs. Most of our people are bridge to transplants a few have been 'destination' vads- no intent to transplant due to age.

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    Greetings everyone!

    I start July 25th in a cardiac progressive care unit. I moved from the west coast to Maryland and am loving the weather! Glad to see so many people participating in the new nurse forum.

    Good Luck in Nursing


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    Sounds good, Ann2Water

    I look forward to exploring the new world that is Maryland. It sounds like there are a lot of diverse areas packed within a 'tiny' space. I can certainly appreciate that from where I am moving out of. In California, communities are so spread out that people become geocentric (if that is even a word) to their location. Between Eureka/Arcata, San Francisco/Bay Area, and Los Angeles... it's like they might as well be different states with the 5-6 hour drive between each one.

    take care,


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    Dear Nurstudnt546 and Jrwest-

    The best advice I can give is to take your breaks/lunches, eat well and drink water. Put your feet up on your break. Relax.

    I can't tell you how many times I've point blank been asked for something from a patient and then walked in to give meds 20 minutes later and get this sinking feeling like - oh crap, he wanted prune juice/a tooth brush... whatever. It's hard not too but you just can't beat yourself up. It actually makes you less confident. I've found that a little laughter and some humility go a long way when explaining why you didn't deliver the goods.

    You are fine tuning your system right now.. and it's going to be trial and ERROR. Give yourself some slack... Think of all the good you do each day and don't focus so much on the deficits.

    Finally, Nesher said the prioritization thing. This is SO TRUE. Don't let yourself get sidetracked by little things. Focus on the most important/immediate needs and let everyone know where they are on your list. IE: I am going to get your foley out, but first I need to give some pain medication down the hall to someone who needs it right NOW. People are more understanding than not and if they aren't... then don't feel bad.

    Good Luck, hang in there...


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    Oh Sweet.. good info... thankyou, BoonersMom!! Thanks to you too, PennyLane

    We are finding some reasonably priced homes in Pikesville... what is the word on this place, anyone? It's between Owings Mills and Baltimore... anyone know if it's safe/kosher/happytown?

    I just got off of a 12... had someone with Joseph's Disease... so freakin sad. My heart broke when she reached out and needed a hug- crying. I just LOST it... (snotty nose, teary eyed mush ball) but it was awesome... after I gathered my wits and cleared my head.. she was so thankful for that recognition of her reality.

    happy to be a nurse,


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    Well everyone... I visited Baltimore this last week and had my interview and it went really well. The staff was stellar at JHH and made me feel at home.

    My DH and I are moving from a remote area in Northern California where I've attended school. Baltimore is a big change... but I think we'll adjust nicely since we have lived in and around San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles before.

    I am going to be moving into the temporary housing offered by southern management company until we can get our bearings and we have the choice between cockeysville and owings mills. Any information regarding either of these towns would be very helpful and hugely appreciated.