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  • Jun 2 '12

    Quote from kalisefer
    @blondie12. I know this might be a little late, but advising is open this Friday. Next week they will not be open on Fridays until the reg. (fall) semester begins. you need to register for the classes before you can get your I.D. And you need your I.D. To get the books, it is all one big circle. What session did you get for the summer class? I will be in 3001.
    Thank you for all of that info. I wasn't sure if I needed to hurry and go register or if I had some time. Since our schedules are already planned out i guess theres no rush for "good spots" hahah. I'm ordering all of my books from that i possibly can because that 20% discount is a lot. I added up a shopping cart and it's discounting each item. I recommend you should all do that! I'm going to try on scrubs today since I'll be in humble and the humble store has a sale ending today.
    Looks like my summer class is 3004. Looks like that's the noon class..yes. I guess that means my only option for taking pharm before the fall is an awful sounding class in cyfair or a more fair sounding class at NH. Anyone taking Pharm there, section 1002?

  • Jun 2 '12

    Good luck to all y'all tomballians I was accepted to NH if any of y'all find some good shoes let me know I don't really want tennis shoes I want nursing shoes all white with a back of course that are super comfy if anyone knows of shoes like this let me know!!

  • May 30 '12

    She probably meant the attrition rate, not the graduation rate - much more likely that 10% fail/drop out of the program. I have a couple friends who have graduated from there, and there were definitely more than 5 of them at pinning :-)

  • May 30 '12


    I did not hear what she said the graduation rate was. I thought she did say that we would receive an email from our instructor about any assignments!?!

  • May 25 '12

    Quote from Stephalump
    Nooooo, I don't know WHAT I was thinking, but I thought the deadline to pay for summer was the end of this week and I was dropped from the only pharm class I could take! The only ones left will interfere with Basic Care, and the online class has already gone 2 students over. I may have to take it in the Fall, even though everyone told me not to.

    Anyone else doing this, or am I the lone, crazy wolf.

    And, thanks Kalisefer and KnightGal!! I'm so happy, I barely care about my pharm issue! A huge weight has definitely been lifted.
    Seems like I'll be taking pharm in the fall too /: oops.

  • May 23 '12

    Ckfomby, I too am excited about orientation next Wednesday! I am also concerned about missing my minimester class that day because we are scheduled to review for our final exam on that very day. I have never missed a review for a final :-/. Hope it does not affect my grade!

  • May 22 '12

    Well finally some good news: my appeal was accepted and i'm on my way to becoming an RN. Thank goodness!!!

  • May 22 '12

    I cannot wait for orientation next Wed. I am curious to see if I have a different experience with Tomball or if I run into some of the problems you all have described.

  • May 21 '12

    Steph it's for the entire program, but still 25 is a lot of books!!

  • May 21 '12

    Hi Candie - orientation was ok. It was less overwhelming as I thought it would be. It definitely made me more excited to actually START the program. Please let me start before any more issues arise.....PLEASE! lol.

    I was surprised that some were arranging study groups already. I'm hoping to find people close to my area.

    I know it's going to be tons of studying but I am very, very, very ready for it!

    WBU - Thoughts?

  • May 16 '12

    Hey everyone! Wanted to invite you all to join the Montgomery ADN program Facebook page! It's listed as Lonestar MOCO nursing class of 2014!

    Also, for everyone looking for a cheap CPR class, Cypress Creek EMS offer the course for $45. Someone had listed MCHD but they raised their price to $65. Call Lisa Robbins at 281-378-0800. They are held every Sat and Thur. They are also filling up fast!

  • May 16 '12

    Ok - all of the "No Way", "That's not right" and "Are you kidding me" statements I just made while reading & catching up on all of the posts since my last log on is HORRIBLE! I thought the biggest hurdle was receiving the acceptance letter and getting in, and now I can NOT believe the amount of "red tape", obstacles and road blocks everyone has encountered.
    I have had my fair share of these moments but am definitely out trumped by several of you.

    Heads up! Shoulders back! We shall find a way to MAKE THIS WORK!!

  • May 15 '12

    Tomball does not have orientation until May 30. Hope you have a great day!!

  • May 10 '12

    Delicious, that is the taste of another semester earning a 4.0. It has not always been like this, but I am trying my darndest to keep it this way. time to celebrate getting accepted into the program and making good grades!!! ;-)

  • May 9 '12

    Ckfomby, yes the lady does the class in her home it's only two hours and very flexible times every week. If u leave a message she will call u back. Good luck!