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    I'm not looking to apply until 2013 for the 2014 start, but I noticed on their website it says "exposure, via volunteer or work, relevant to the health care field is also highly regarded". What are some past applicants' (particularly accepted applicants') experience with this? What kind of "exposure" did you have?

    On a related note, do I stand a chance to get into Penn? I'm a male, Jazz Performance major/Math minor from Temple with a 3.6-3.7 undergrad. GPA. I'm just starting to take prerequisites.

    Thank you!!

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    Hi, I'm looking to apply to the program next April. Does anyone know if the Sociology requirement has to be a general "Intro to Sociology" or can it be any other sociology type class? For example, I go to Temple University and we have GenEds that I think might satisfy a Sociology. I took "Language in Society" and "Representing Race". These seem like sociology type classes but they are only listed as under anthropology at Temple so maybe not. Any replies are greatly appreciated!