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    I will be completing an accelerated 15 month BSN program in December. Where I seem to be complicating things is that I want to move to another state (Georgia) so with that comes taking the boards in the current state that I am in and applying to transfer the license to GA. Residency programs are becoming more flattering and I eventually would like to pursue MSN/MPH so Emory's Residency program is becoming more and more appealing. My undergraduate studies included community and public health education and I would love to go into public health nursing...ideal setting being health department.

    Any advice from those of you who had to transfer a license to another state?

    Advice on moving to another state and how long you planned in advance?

    Words of direction from anyone who has pursued or is looking into Emory's residency program?

    Anyone working in a Georgia health department as a nurse?

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    Will any of you be starting the residency program this Fall semester?

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    Hi @melby!
    I found your post and know that it is now 2013, but am wondering about your experience in the residency program. I am considering applying for Spring 2014.

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    Hi melby!
    I found your post and know that it is now 2013, but am wondering about your experience in the residency program. I am considering applying for Spring 2014.

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    1.Get a planner that will last the full duration of your program i.e. 2 year planner for 2 year program-i'm in an accelerated program and it's cool to see how far you've come and how quickly time goes by.
    2. If you're an at home study kind of person then get a durable desk that can handle the giant books you'll have plus your computer.
    3.Ear plugs! I never used them before school, but whether at home or at Starbucks & more recently during major exams they have come in handy.
    4. A "whining buddy"=someone who listen to you when your classmates no longer want to or are too overwhelmed themselves. Someone that will be willing to encourage you no matter what.
    5. A just in case bag with a set of clothes, emergency items, etc in case you're too far from home or at a clinical site all day just have the bag in your trunk.
    6. A Nursing School Survival Guide book- I got the Mosby's Tour Guide to Nursing School and read it before my first semester and definitely gave me some insight to nursing school in general.
    7. I know everyone isn't a fan of them, but my rolling backpack has saved me from the back aches that would be possible with a normal's much better than carrying 5 separate bags at one time.
    8. Hoodies & sweatpants for those days that you just don't care for and just need to get to school...which will be most days
    9. Note cards the all sizes really, but I've become very fond of the big 5 X 10 ones because you can fit a lot on them & use 5 big cards vs. 20 small ones
    10. Self the end of the day your willingness to push yourself to work hard and do your best is what will make you a great nursing student and keep you on your feet when everything else might be looking negative.

    Preparation is the best thing you can do! Best wishes!!

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    I am in my 4th week Accelerated BSN and I'm loving school thus far. First day of class for me included a quiz in Pharmacology Foundations. I've already had one test and moving on to the second test this week as it is an 8 week course. In my other classes I have written papers and of course for all classes the readings always keep us busy.

    The best advice I can give is to plan ahead...again I say plan ahead how you will tackle the various tasks & do them one at a time(i.e. a couple hours on Pharm, take a short break then get into another class and do some readings). I always feel better once I've completed any little task because that is one less thing to do.

    Each day take the time to plan out what you want to complete & do everything ahead of deadlines as much as possible. Reading chapters before class lecture helps because the material you read before class will be reiterated during lecture...and I'm learning the art of REPETITION-it really does work!

    When studying, get away from the distractions as much as possible. I never liked libraries before they are way too quiet, but with this sort of material you need peace & quiet to let it soak in.

    "Fall break" is a couple weeks away, but the studying continues!

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    congrats! i have orientation next week. been calling coordinators & financial aid counselors all day...and planning for orientation. would love to know how your orientation goes & what was covered!

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    thanks so much for your comments! this post is much needed-i am jotting down all this info
    counting down to begin an accelerated bsn in august

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    I live in TN and was told the same thing when I wanted to get scholarships and such-all I was doing was taking a few pre-req courses and ended up having to pay out of pocket. Praying for something besides loans to come through for BSN program I would like to pursue.