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    Your second summer session will end on Friday, August 22.
    I think Fall semester starts right after labor day (Tuesday, September 2).

    Brooklyn gal……….

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    Once you get your packet, you will be registering for Summer and Fall classes.
    The schedule for the Summer classes is listed below. The spacing got messed up, but you can still see the information.

    Brooklyn gal.......

    Accelerated BS Program
    College Depart CNO CRN Course Title CR # of Section/s Max Enroll Meeting Day Meeting Time
    Junior Section A - NEW STUDENTS 6/3-7/11 section A
    NR NRBS 3000 1517 Nursing Process in Health Promotion 4 1 60 Monday & Tues Mon: 9-3; Tue: 9-2
    NR NRBS 3110 1518 Introduction to Physical/health Assessment 3 1 30 Wednesday 9am-1pm & 2-5:30 NA
    NR NRBS 3110 1519 Introduction to Physical/health Assessment 3 2 30 Thursday 9am-1pm & 2-5:30
    NR PAPH 6300 1520 Pathophysiology 3 1 60 Friday 9am-1pm & 2-7
    Junior Section B - NEW STUDENTS 7/14-8/22 section B
    NR NRBS 3150 1522 Professional Nursing Development 2 1 60 Monday 3pm-8pm
    NR NRBS 3260 1523 Introduction to Pharmacology, Drug Calculation & Preparation 3 1 60 Friday 9am-1pm & 2-5:30
    NR NRBS 3300 1521 Principles of Teaching and Learning 2 1 60 Monday 9am-2pm
    NR NRBS 3410 1524 Professional Nursing Practice with Obstetric and Gynecologic Clients 4 1 60 Tuesday 9am-2pm

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    You can register for both Summer and Fall online.

    Brooklyn gal......

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    Since your program starts on Monday, June 2 with orientation, the vast majority of alternates will be chosen before 5/30. If you are getting an A in that class and you are don't mind bothering the professor, get a status report. Some professors will just ask you to write a status report and if they agree with it, they will sign it.

    Brooklyn gal........

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    Getting off the wait list varies from year to year. Last year, we had several people join our class from the wait list (one the day after our orientation day). If you are on the wait list, do not lose hope. Fill out your paper work and get it in quickly. They will pick people who have all of their items finished first.

    Also, if you are taking a class, get your final grade or a status report from your professor in quickly as well. If you are doing a volunteer stint in a health setting, get someone to send in an evaluation or letter of support on your behalf. The point is to get noticed and plucked from the crowd.

    Good luck.

    Brooklyn gal and current ABSN student

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    I would like to apply for frontier as well, but will wait until I have some more experience being a nurse.

    Univ. of Cin. does not accept applicants from NY, but frontier does.
    Why are there different rules for different online programs??

    Brooklyn gal................

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    If you are chosen as an alternate, they will send you the same paper work as if you have been accepted. That way if you need to start the program at a day or weeks notice, your paper work is already on file and you are ready to go.

    Brooklyn gal.........

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    Hello all,

    While you are waiting to hear about your acceptance to Downstate (and other programs), have a look at this blog that a graduate from the 2013 class put together. It has a lot of good information for Downstate and other program nursing students.


    Brooklyn gal..........

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    Hello all,

    I have a few answers to your questions.

    You will not be taking A&P again.
    I will give you an overview of the the first summer schedule we had. Yours might be different

    Session A (6 weeks) 3 courses
    1. Nursing Promotion Mon 9-3 Tue 9-2
    3. Health Assessment (in 2 groups, 9-7 Wed. or Thurs)
    4. Patho- Friday 9-5:30

    Session B 4 courses and OB clinical
    1. Mon-Teaching and Leaning 9-5
    2. Tue-OB didactic 9-5
    3. Wed-Nursing Leadership (not correct title, can't remember it) 9-4
    4. OB Clinical (at 6 diff hosps. in groups of 10)
    5. Pharm 9-5

    The summer is very tough (21 credits in 12 weeks)...if you can transfer in either patho or pharm, that would make it much easier!
    The schedule gets much easier in the Fall and for the rest of the program.

    Please post any other questions.

    Brooklyn gal.....

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    I am a current student and am happy to answer any questions you might have.
    Some of us will be at your orientation on Monday, June 2 to meet you and answer questions and sell you our books.

    Thanks and best of luck to those who are still waiting.

    Brooklyn gal…...

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    The students in the previous class set up a book buying exchange for us new students. I plan on doing the same thing for the class that will start in June. So if you get accepted, do not buy new books. We will sell you perfectly good used ones much cheaper. Older editions are fine for all classes. Many professors test from their power points, although I always review the books.

    The Downstate bookstore prints a book list for each semester. The summer book list has not been posted yet. Just check the website in April or May to review it.

    good luck to all....

    Brooklyn gal...........

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    The 2012 class was only 40 with 38 graduating, but in 2013 they increased it to 60, 58 graduating.

    Our class (2014) was also 60, although we have lost two students. So, we should have 58 graduating.

    In 2012, we had 100% NCLEX passing rate and so far it seems like it will be the same for the 2013 class.

    take care!!

    Brooklyn gal...........

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    You will get a notification that your application has moved from the admissions office to the review committee. This was sent to me in an e-mail in early January.

    If you get accepted, you will see a change in your checklist. You will see a deposit and health clearance link added to your checklist. You will also receive a package in the mail with your acceptance letter and forms to complete.

    If you just see a health clearance link, it might mean that you were placed on the waitlist. We had a bunch of students taken off the wait list last year, so don't lose faith if this happens.

    I hope this helps.

    Brooklyn gal.........

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    During the first summer, the schedule is pretty intense.
    Our schedule for the Summer and Fall semesters was as follows:

    In summer session A, you will have 3 classes that meet all day Mon, Tue, Thur and Fri
    Mon and Tue-Health promotion from 9-3 and 9-2
    Thur-Health assessment-9-7
    Fri-Patho, 9-5

    In summer session B, you have three classes and your first clinical rotation, OB
    Mon-Principals of teaching and learning 9-2 Prof. Nursing Development 2:30-7
    Tuesday- OB didactic 9-2
    Thurs-OB Clinicals
    Friday-Pharmacology 9-5

    In the Fall, you will have your fist med surg. clinical which will meet on just Thursdays for 12 hours or Thursdays for 8 and Fridays for 4. You will also have two classes, med surg on Tuesdays 9-1 and contemporary nursing.

    In the Fall it would be very easy to have a job for one day per week. It would be a challenge in the summer, but plenty of people in my class have maintained jobs throughout the program.

    take care..

    Brooklyn gal..........

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    I have no idea what the average TEAS/GPA is for my class mates.
    I went to a college that did not give grades and I got in the high 80's on the two TEAS sections that mattered for SUNY.

    I heard about my acceptance in early March. Some people heard in early Feb. and several found out a week before or even the day of orientation in early June.

    The program is very rigorous in the first summer sessions, so do your self a favor. Consider taking pathophysiology and/or pharmacology this Spring semester (before you start the program) and transferring in the credits. It will make Session A and B much easier. After the summer, the Fall and Spring semesters are much more manageable.

    The program has its strong and weak points, much like most nursing programs. I really like my classmates and we are all a resource for each other. That has been a real plus. The program has some mediocre teaching, but most nursing programs require a lot of self teaching and Downstate is no different.

    I can answer more questions if anyone else would like to chime in.

    Brooklyn gal