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    Well said! A great reminder of why I continue as a "psych" nurse (inpatient) even though I often overhear comments about how it isn't "real" nursing and we just "babysit the crazies". I also have several family members with mental health issues so I can empathize with my patient's and their families. Unfortunately it seems that many of the newer generation entering this area of nursing see only the diagnosis and forget that there is a human being with feelings and worth connected to the diagnosis. I intend to print your the story of "Bev" and put it on the message board in the break room at work with the hope that it will help improve the care and practice on our small impatient unit.

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    do not resuscitate means just what it doesn't mean do not treat. in cases of terminal illness many physicians will order comfort measures only in addition to the dnr (after discussing this with the family of course). since this isn't mentioned i assume this wasn't the case and i would have done as you did and continued to get orders and treat symptoms as they arose. you did nothing wrong given the orders and situation you describe. we in the health care field must advocate for our patient's and their families. the fact that you put the needs of the patient and family first, regardless of how co-workers treated you, tells me you are the nurse i would want caring for my loved one when the time comes. kudos to you...and i would have to question if some of the health care workers you encountered are in the correct job or maybe should be considering retirement.

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    More than unprofessional...what about confidentiality? The nurse has a photo of your vitals, is there a photo of you also? I would have immediately reported this to her supervisor!