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    M doing my 3rd year which includes critical nursing this semester.

    I was looking for difference between High dependency and critical care unit.

    For High dependency I found out that it is the area of care where patient requiring long term care are admitted or cared for .eg cancer ,palliative
    CCU is a critical care unit which cares for the patient who are critically ill and there is danger to their life.

    Adverse events in high dependency unit -
    Medication error

    Adverse events in CCU include
    Medication errors
    Micro aspiration
    Ventilator associated pneumonia
    Electrolyte imbalance

    I know, its a silly question but just wanted to know if there is difference between HDU and CCUs
    Because i Think both are taking care of critical patients.Pls correct me

    And Could anyone help me with looking at more adverse events in high dependency ward
    And any useful site I can visit to learn more about high dependency unit

    Thank you